Do you ever feel that a powerful creative part of you has faded?  

I want you to feel the deep pleasure of engaging with your creativity.

You remember what it was like to slap paint on the canvas, jam out with the amp cranked, play in the muddy clay, count stitches and rows, or bang out a story on your trusty keyboard.

When you’re in your studio, whatever that means in your world, you shut down the head chatter, you work from your heart, and you feed your soul.

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The world needs your contribution.  Don’t you think it’s time you engaged with what makes you happy?

Who are my clients?

My clients have spent years deferring their creativity for productivity and now wonder why life feels so blah.

They can be found sitting in boring staff meetings designing things in their head…  They capture snippets of conversation overheard in public places…  They rearrange their furniture a lot…  They are highly susceptible to Pinterest and Instagram…  They crank the tunes while they drive…

I help right-brained creative people working in a linear left-brained job find fulfillment, no matter what their circumstances.

How I can help:

You don’t have to jump ship, you don’t have to upset the boat, you don’t have to abandon your obligations.  You only need to open your unique door and release your soul’s expression.  (Hint: your dissatisfaction isn’t going away no matter how much you try to ignore it.)

Professional artists are not the only artists.

I’m a change agent and career coach.  I can help you manage change proactively, ramp up your creativity and  focus on your self-development.  You can embark upon a path that honors the creative calling within.

Isn’t it time you got into action?

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