Debra DeVilbiss

You know that deep inside – a powerful part of you is underutilized, the creative part.  You’re a right-brain creative person stuck in a left-brained job.

Who are my clients?

Individuals. You’ve been around the block. Your career has gone well, but that restlessness is making you a little uncomfortable. It’s tough because you know that change will rock the boat – people are depending on you. You’re feeling frustrated and stuck.

Art Makers.  Whether your studio is filled with amplifiers, canvases, spinning wheels, a laptop, or something else, you know that your art is what keeps you alive.  It feeds your soul.

How I can help:

I’m a change agent and career coach.  I can help you embark upon a new path that honors the creative calling within.

Your calling, your heart’s work, is with you always – it’s not going away.  The road ahead will have challenges, but I am convinced you already have the strength and tenacity to thrive.  I can help you tap into that core and blossom.

Isn’t it time you got into action?

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