When was the last time you were so engaged in making something that you lost track of time?

Sometimes, we focus so hard on productivity that we forget that we are here to create.  Sure, we need a livelihood, something to live on, but we also need something to live for.

To be fully human, we must create.

Our creation is our contribution to humanity, no matter what others may think. It’s an outpouring of our passion, our inner guidance, and our deepest need.

When we are lost in our creative endeavor, we shut down the head chatter, we work from our hearts, and we feed our soul.

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Who are my clients?

My clients have spent years deferring their creativity for productivity and now wonder why life feels so blah.  They are hungry for change and at the same time are hesitant to change. They are unsure of the next step.

They can be found sitting in boring meetings designing things in their head…  They capture snippets of conversation overheard in public places…  They swoon over gorgeous color…  They are highly susceptible to Pinterest and Instagram…  They crank the tunes while they drive…

I teach career-changers how to get clear on their calling and stop wasting their time on stifling jobs. Right-brained creative people working in linear left-brained jobs can find fulfillment, no matter what their circumstances.

How I can help:

You don’t have to jump ship, you don’t have to upset the boat, you don’t have to abandon your obligations.  When you release your soul’s expression, your life will shift organically.

I’m a career coach, author, and teacher.  I can help you manage change proactively, ramp up your creativity and focus on your self-development.  You can embark upon a path that honors the creative calling within.

(Hint: your dissatisfaction isn’t going away no matter how much you try to ignore it.)

Isn’t it time you got into action?

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