What do I want to invite in?

I cleared all the newspaper comic strips and articles off my fridge today. This included the colorful magnets and school pictures of my grandkids.

Yes, even grandkids. Off the fridge. I want CLEAR. Got it?

I’ve been terribly impatient to be done with the office reorganization. It takes time to handle hundreds of books, decide if I’ll want it soon, and if yes, how close can I store it to where it will be needed, and then decide which ones are destined for release back into the universe. (Hopefully in exchange for legal tender.)

But the process of deciding, and bagging, and moving up and down the stairs… yes, ready to be done with that. So the impatience is inviting me to come up with some kind of structure.

What do I want to invite back into my life? How can I hold my intention? Those two questions will last a lifetime I expect.

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