Still have a longing to make a difference in this workplace

Tomorrow is my last day in this office. The desk is cleared, there are a few remaining tasks to send their way up the bureaucratic food chain, and what can be delegated has been delegated. I’ve done as much as I can to help smooth a transition to a world different than this one, one where this office carries on without me.

As I clear out the old, it surprises me to see the variety of people I have impacted through this seemingly narrow role. As Office Manager, the work staff has had almost a complete turnover in my time here, and my selection of these folks shifted the culture and built a team.

The work I did for four years teaching co-workers basic coaching skills planted the seeds of a different way to communicate all over the campus; there is no way to fully discern that impact. And the work I did at the statewide level on behalf of my co-workers, yes, I made an impact there.

I still feel as though there is some mission I need to fulfill for my co-workers. When I came to work here and it wasn’t the kind of place I wanted to work, I took that personally. It became my mission to make it the kind of place I would like to work. I hired people I wanted to work with and I formed alliances with people all over the campus.

That workplace is different because of me, but is my contribution complete? Perhaps, perhaps not.

Perhaps as my client-centered focus opens new doors that I cannot see yet, my efforts will open new doors to collaboration that now seem invisible.

The path is unmarked and I’m sitting in the unknowing.

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