Retirement party – unexpressed gratitude

I had never envisioned myself at my own retirement party. The thought has been just inconceivable. My typical length of time in a workplace didn’t generally produce the kind of stability that retirement requires, and the thought of “going out to pasture” has never resonated. Yet, here we are.

What makes it a bit awkward is that I will still be at work for 2 days more, after the bubbles have popped and the recycle bin has been hauled away. Then, there will be leftover cake to be dispersed among the usual grad student channels and tables to be folded and put back in order.

What made the party run seamlessly were the two planners in the front office. They masterfully handled every detail and didn’t even take personally the snowstorm that grounded many guests. Champions. They will be the backbone of the office moving forward. My greatest failing was to rush my time at the podium while I had it and forget to recognize them specifically, and to recognize the rest of the superstars.

And it was a great party! The beautiful people that I worked with filled the room and I could feel the genuine heartfelt energy of closure. Hands down, leaving this workplace and the good hearts that remain has been a really tough step to take.

I’m so grateful for the time I had here, for the beautiful people I’ve worked with, and for the opportunity to take the next step. My heart is full.

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