Three years ago, when I first began thinking about writing a book, I had been working for about 15 years with individual clients who wanted to change their career. They were feeling restless and discontent and struggled with jobs that were too small for them.

As clarity arose, they got really familiar with their values and must-haves in their life. Suddenly, new doors opened for them along with new ways of thinking about how to earn an income. My clients have taken extraordinary leaps and created entirely new lives in the most creative ways. (You’ll be hearing stories in this blog about some of these courageous folks.)

But it was clear to me, over here in the coach’s chair, that career change was only a small part of their big picture.

A change in career affects everything. When you change careers, you definitely change your financial picture and possibly your relationships and geographic location. Your physical vitality, your creativity levels, the way you structure time – these are all other ways you could be impacted. Each person is unique in his or her experience.

To think you can make a significant career shift without it spilling over to the rest of your life is like trying to chlorinate only one corner of the pool. I realized that a career change is only one outcome of an adult transition. There are many other ways a transition can show up.

So, I began thinking of a way to create an accountability structure that would encompass all the elements that a life transition would include. And of course, I had to try it out on my clients and friends. Several times, both in groups and individually.

This is how The Unmarked Path: Finding Your Way Through Change and The Fireside Circles evolved. I know this process is effective because I’ve seen that the people who worked the program and stuck with it made significant changes. But not everyone was successful.

So, to find a way to change that, for the past couple of weeks, I’ve been reviewing the experience of all those who participated in a Fireside Circle. I can see where some of the mis-steps occurred and where there was lack of clarity and am creating new ways to address those pitfalls. Stay tuned – I’ll be sharing more later.

But for the immediate moment, I shifted a few things around. I moved the accountability to a private Facebook page for Fireside Circle participant’s eyes only. The actual Fireside Circles, where we meet weekly, will be a more intimate place, full of connection and ritual and a safe space to tell your truth. We’ll pass a talking stick and use the traditional Circle format to share. After years of conducting talking circles in person, I’m excited to bring this experience to my clients in a new on-line format.

These are only a few tiny changes in the way we form community around your experience of walking your path. I’m committed to helping you blossom and will relentlessly find new ways and programs to make the path more open and navigable for you.

For you, what is the worst part of creating change? Please comment below and share your thoughts.

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