Got it Done!

It occurred to me as I was updating my website and adding more blog posts, that you may not have seen the final outcome on my office. Scroll down to the posts from December and January to see where I began.

Now, when I walk into my office, I know where everything is. I have a system to remind me of what my tasks for the day will be and all my materials and information are close to hand. It is just a joy!

The clearing of this space opened up my creativity in a new way and I’m currently working on some exciting new projects for fall. All the time I spent last month sifting through the experiences of the early adopters of this program now inform a deeper approach. I have so much to share!

Moving forward, these blog posts will be weekly. You’ll have updates on my experiences of walking an Unmarked Path as I create my new life as a solo-preneur. I’ll share new research on the effectiveness of strategies you’ll choose and ideas on how to live more authentically. You may occasionally receive an extra email or two letting you know of upcoming events. And of course, I’ll share stories of others who are blazing new trails along their Unmarked Path. Stay tuned!

Please comment and let me know what topics interest you, and share your thoughts on your own Unmarked Path.
2016 04 finished 2

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