Focused on Clearing

When I walk through my house, my home, I want to savor it. I want to revel in colors that resonate with my spirit; I want to surround myself with things that make me smile. I want the music that sings in my heart to set yours on fire. I want the people I love to know that I love them.

I want to be that kind of person.

And I’m working on it, OK? Right now, I feel so far from that ideal it’s hilarious.

My son and grandson came through with flying colors, moving furniture and relocating one tall bookshelf to the garage. Now my home is an explosion of books with no bookshelf home. They are in bags covering the floor in my bedroom, bags in my living room, and my office floor is in a constant state of stacking and bagging and re-shelving.

Will this ever be DONE??

I want to have surroundings that reflect who I am, to express the authentic me both in my work and in my home.

The thing is, can the authentic me also be the efficient-and-effective me?

The efficient-and-effective me knows how to relentlessly whip an office into shape and make a space flow. I’ve had many years in the workplace honing that skill. It takes thought, planning, muscle and sorting, and those things take time.

Now, can my authentic me be patient enough to allow the time it takes? I’m feeling enormously impatient and anxious. Just want it done.

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