Every Night is Friday Night

Now that I don’t have to get up and leave the house to go to work, every night feels like Friday night. I don’t have to get up early every day!

To put it in context, my alarm was always set for 4:30 am. But now, it’s intoxicating – like I’ve been set loose on the playground with no adult supervision.

I schedule my client calls and appointments mid-morning or later and save the early morning for coffee and the newspaper, then study or writing. It’s a quiet start that feeds me. Sometimes I don’t even turn on the computer till noon.

It may not look or sound productive to an outside observer, but that time of morning nurture keeps my head clear and helps me focus on the needs of my clients to create new ways of serving them.

However, I must admit, it’s tough when I have an early appointment or need to be somewhere first thing. Remember, every night is Friday night, so I stay up late every night, listen to some podcasts, maybe crochet into the wee hours, and don’t really even notice the time. Then, I sleep a good 7-8 hours solid.

This routine has now developed into a habit, and this morning dove transformed into a night owl.

Now, when the alarm goes off for an early day, it’s like an explosion in my head. I hate that! Then I’m groggy all day. The coffee doesn’t seem strong enough on those mornings.

So, part of my Unmarked Path is to wrap my arms around how this newfound habit supports me – or not. I know, as I get busier, I’m going to need adult supervision to get myself to sleep on time.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on how you manage your time and what habits you have around that. Please add your comments!

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