A Whiff of Lilac

When I stopped to pick up my mail yesterday the fragrance of the budding lilac bush in the nearby landscaping feature pulled me toward it. Who can resist that intoxication?

The first whiff of lilac in spring reminds us that life begins anew. Anything is possible when the dancing smells of heaven surround you. You believe in life again.

It reminds me of the first time I ever got a houseplant to bloom. It was in the early seventies and our office was engaged in a severe African violet frenzy. Everyone had them on their desks and brought cuttings from home to trade. Break room chatter was about that new advancement in technology, grow lights, or which fertilizer worked best.

Inspired by the success of others, I lovingly nursed that violet on my desk, but my office was in the corner with no natural light. Yes, the fluorescent light worked well, but it wasn’t on over weekends, so there were long periods where the poor plant was deprived. It was clear that under the circumstances, there would be no growth.

So I did the responsible thing; I adopted her out to a co-worker with a window and I visited every day. It felt so good to give that plant what it needed and it responded with the deepest purple velvet blossoms. I’ll never forget the first bud opening and that beautiful color.

And if you think about it, you are like a flower bud. When the warm sun and gentle spring rains come, the nourishment feeds you and you burst forth in full bloom. The bees stimulate your ovary to grow seeds that allows you to propagate through your creativity and productivity. Your petals fall away. As the seedpod grows and matures, it contains the genetic code and the concentrated wisdom of your years. These are the beginnings of the next generation.

At no matter what stage you feel you are, there is always the opportunity for a deepening of your authenticity. To become more true to yourself. Your legacy is found in the things you created, the actions you took, and the heartfelt impact you made.

That is what traveling your Unmarked Path is ultimately all about: blossoming, releasing your fragrance and making the world better. It’s about discovering your true self and calling forth your talents to bless the world.

Each time you join a Fireside Circle, you learn more about yourself, and you make progress toward your future. Joining a Circle is simple, the details are on the website.

I’d love to hear your story of blossoming. Please comment and share!

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