A new life needs a place to grow

Today is the winter solstice. This night is the longest of the year, and now we move toward the light.

I just said goodbye to a huge chapter in my life. I knew it was coming and I tried to prepare myself. Months ahead, I wrote a note in gold Sharpie and carried it with me taped to my phone. It said: “Debra ~ Focus on the opening door.” That was to keep my heart from breaking while I said my goodbyes.

But as I look around, I realize that the opening door I imagined is not the door to my current home office. That space is stuffed with books and papers. To make any kind of progress, I have moved my work, my laptop, notebooks and journals, into the living room so my mind has space to think.

I hate that. My living room is for relaxing, watching TV, petting the cats and crochet. I like to lie on the sofa to read a book. I don’t want to have to move notebooks from one end of the sofa to the other end of the floor.

I need my office to be functional and right now it’s full. There’s no room for me or my big ideas or progress in any meaningful way.

It is time to clear.

My new life needs new surroundings. The holidays are just around the corner and my big strong son and 6’ teenage goalie grandson may be just the help to enlist on addressing this. To allow the next door to open fully, I want to create surroundings that support my work.

If I “Focus on the opening door” now, what will I see? My clearing process will reveal paths with fresh eyes. Who knows what door will open from here?

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