The Unmarked Path

Since 1998, I’ve worked with people desiring change.  In that time, I’ve learned there are two areas that can most use the help of a coach to dig a little deeper:

  • Creating the big picture vision
  • Accountability. In other words, you need someone that won’t let you lie to yourself with your BS excuses like your friends or family will.

Nothing happens until you get into action.

The Unmarked Path Program includes;

  • A total of three 45-minute coaching sessions
  • a book and workbook to develop your plan on your own
  • planning and tracking sheets for the next 28 days
  • Four weekly 15-minute coaching accountability calls with laser coaching as needed.

Here’s how it works:

  • You begin the program with a 45-minute coaching session to clarify where you are on the path and where you want to go.
  • Using the book and workbook, you’ll complete your Action Plan worksheet individually, send it to your coach ahead of time.  (You can take as long as you need for this step, but it’s better to jump off the cliff and grow your wings on the way down.  You’ll have a loving guide that won’t let you fall.)
  • A second 45-minute coaching session will ensure your plan can be successful and you’ll set the date to launch your 28-day adventure.  You’ll know exactly how to proceed and how to report your progress.
  • Over the 28-day period of working your plan, you’ll have 4 weekly checkin calls for accountability and specialized laser coaching.
  • The final 45-minute call will focus on savoring your progress and will set you up for your next steps.

Clarity and progress, at last!  Plus you’ll have your coach by your side to shine a light in places you can’t see by yourself.

“I challenged myself and completed Debra DeVilbiss’ 28-day Unmarked Path program. What an inspired program! I was impressed with the simplicity …   I developed an effective daily personal self-maintenance program for strengthening my positive thinking and better balancing my energy physically, mentally, and spiritually.  Debra kept me committed by daily tracking progress and reporting weekly.  That support created quite a pungent impact in my life lasting well past the 28 days. I highly recommend this program to anyone looking to create new habits that last!”

— Melody Taylor-Fliege, Life Coach, ACC, CPCC

Ready to travel along Your Unmarked Path?  Let’s see if this will work for you!

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Note:   It is with deep gratitude that I thank C. J. Hayden for her inspiration and generosity.  Anyone familiar with her classic coaching framework in Get Clients Now!: A 28-Day Marketing Program for Professionals, Consultants, and Coaches will know that the coaching framework for The Unmarked Path: Finding Your Way Through Change is very similar. If you don’t know her work, check it out.

C. J. said in a personal email to me:  I think you’ve done a fine job at using the structure of Get Clients Now! to build your own program …   I’m sure this will be very valuable to your readers and participants.   I hope … that you have much success with this program!

Thank you C. J.  Your clarity of purpose, your tenacity, and ability to take a conceptual concept like a sales cycle and frame it into a concrete step by step process is an inspiration.

I’m honored to have given that framework life in a new form.