Soul-Feeding Studio Time NOW!

Here are 5 surefire tools to open the door to your soul-feeding studio, even if you’ve never been able to do it before!

It’s easy to become overloaded and overwhelmed

You’re too busy to engage your creativity! 

You’re too busy to feed your soul in your studio!

When you’re overwhelmed:

  • you forget important things
  • you can’t prioritize
  • you get angry easily and nothing ever seems to get done
  • Your time is overtaken by other’s demands with little time left for yourself. 
  • It’s hard to find time put your creative pursuits first.

When you’re deprived of studio-time, your spirit suffers.

If you feel your daily life has crowded out your creative life, this guidebook will help you find your way back. 

I created this book just for you with straight talk about how losing your way happens in the first place.  You’ll understand where creativity originates and why it’s so important for your spirit to find renewal.

We need your creativity in the world more than ever now!

This book will give you

  • Five tools for expanded thinking and for self-reflection
  • Strategies to find more time for yourself and what you love
  • Insight into your personal Dreamkillers
  • A deeper understanding of your personal power
  • Permission for whatever you need (because you will give it to yourself!)

This book will help you feed your creative spirit

You’ll make more time to create

You will develop a higher devotion to your Dream

You will feel more in control of things

You’ll know you’re not alone.

When you apply the principles offered in this book, you will begin to make decisions that support your life rather than diminish it. 

There is great power in a newfound confidence that, in fact, you DO run your life, and that you are in front, manning the deck, at the controls, full steam ahead! 

You deserve to feel that power.  You deserve to live it every day.