Time Management for Real Life

I recently coached a client who can’t get it all done.  There is just too much on her plate to handle. 

Ever feel like that?

She has the urgency of an upcoming project, an AirBnB in her home that needs attention nearly every day, a garden full of rapidly ripening produce, and a 5-year old grandson spending the day.  This is in addition to commitments in her full-time home-based business.

Often, we get stuck in the rut of thinking that we have to do everything ourselves in order to get tasks completed. We just don’t have enough time! But that’s not always true. 

Most often, the feeling of “not enough time” is a Dreamkiller that stops your soul’s expression before it begins. Spending time with your coach can help you to realize how you are getting in your own way and blocking your emerging creativity.

But you still have things that need to be handled.

So, let’s get it done. 

There are many ways to handle tasks.  Spoiler alert: You don’t have to do everything

Meet the 4 D’s:

  • Do it
  • Delegate it
  • Defer it
  • Dump it

Of course, the most efficient option is to just do it. But, you can delegate, especially simple repetitive tasks.  You could defer it to a specific time in the future (not postpone indefinitely – set a deadline), or you can re-decide whether it needs to be done at all – and, if not, dump it.   There is a lot on your plate that just doesn’t belong there.

We looked more closely at the long list of items occupying her mind and diverting her attention.  Through closer examination, she narrowed down the tasks that are most important and urgent. 

In this case, the garden and the AirBnB are both urgent and important.  Renting her rooms is a major source of income that sustains her between work projects.  Harvesting the garden and preserving the produce is an important part of sustenance for herself and her family.

Narrow the focus and broaden the vision

She decided she would focus on finding a way to delegate the AirBnB because daily maintenance is a simple and repeatable task that she didn’t particularly like doing.  Plus, it takes a big chunk out of her day.   Working in the garden gives her pleasure and much needed alone time; it’s a joyous task.  That one she’ll keep.

So now we’ve narrowed the focus: find help with AirBnB maintenance.

And, naturally, the first thought is, “But, I can’t afford to hire someone!”  That’s another Dreamkiller jumping in to keep things the same.  Dreamkillers limit choices so that you stay “safe” in your little bitty cramped and overloaded world.

If you broaden the vision, it sidesteps the Dreamkiller.  The broader vision is “How do I find help without having to pay money for it?” 

That is the kind of bigger question that your creative brain loves to chew on; it will immediately begin to generate options.

She realized that whatever has value to someone else can be used to barter that task.  She could trade fresh or canned vegetables.  She could teach someone a technique she’s mastered.  She could babysit their 5-year old and, bonus, grandson has a playmate.   She could cook a meal.  She could arrange flowers from her garden.

Oh, my goodness – when you broaden the vision, so many options can spring into form.  It opens possibility, you create a new reality, and you have hope!

Now, look at what’s on your to-do list.  Where will you start?

I’d love to hear your answer; please comment and share how you found more space in your brain for creativity!

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