How to Thrive Through Change

Are you finding the increasing pace of change overwhelming?   Change is coming at us faster and faster; not all of it is encouraging.

In this moment, we have world leaders with bad hair rattling their sabers at one another, we have football players choosing to express their discontent in precisely the most effective way to enflame extreme emotions, and we have hurricanes whipping our coasts while earthquakes devastate populations.


And on a personal level, we’re trying to make ends meet, hoping for more human connection and dealing with our ongoing self-care.

How do you deal with it all?

Here are a few things I do personally to manage this constant barrage:

Turn off the news. I’m not blissfully ignorant, I’m selective. My TV crashed and burned about a week after the elections last year, probably because of all the caustic language I was hurling at it. (Sorry, TV, it wasn’t your fault!)

I stay current by reading the local newspaper every morning and occasionally checking the news feed of a couple of sources I trust. I get news on my own terms now, without a pundit’s interpretation or inflammatory language added for effect. The upside is that the constant barrage doesn’t find me anymore.

What a huge difference in my reactions! When I hear of outrageous tweets and squabbling politicians, I have more distance. It doesn’t lodge in my brain. I can observe without reacting.

Don’t trust social media. I figure it’s all designed to rouse you. If you’re not reacting, they don’t make money, so I don’t react that much. Life is so much richer than the curated poofery and provoking messages on Facebook. I don’t believe it and engage only when I need to. Simple as that.

Take care of yourself first, then take care of others. I spend at least one hour a day, every single day, devoted to me alone.  Every morning I exercise at least ½ hour, and every evening I crochet at least ½ hour. I pay attention to my diet. I laugh with my friends. I camp and garden and keep in touch with my kids. I surround myself with things that make me smile.

Self care means body, mind and spirit. Nurture them all. You get to choose what that looks like, but in this case, consistency is the key to success. One hour a day – every day.

Stop planning – start receiving.  Look, I figure life is going to serve me what I need to learn no matter what I do. It may be delightful or it may be disaster. I only know I have to handle it and learn from it no matter what it is.

I’m not irresponsible; I pay attention and prepare, certainly, but sitting in my perfect little pumpkin shell only keeps me small. I don’t want to focus narrowly and get in the way of an entirely different kind of bounty.

I believe that when you dream and allow your desires to surface without prescribing how they are supposed to show up – blessings appear out of the blue.

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