The 5 best kept secrets for finding your passion

The pandemic has opened a lot of eyes, hasn’t it?  It seems the work we do is a larger part of our lives now and we want our contribution to matter.  To feel that our work is meaningful, finding your passion has become increasingly important.

A feeling of restlessness and discontent has settled into our daily life. We’re either overworked or bored. Or the coworker (or manager!) who was merely annoying is now a real pain in the neck.  

Perhaps you can feel it. You could be hungry for change and have no idea where to start.  I can help you with that. My work lies at the intersection of career fulfillment, creativity and personal growth.  

The truth is, we need something to live on, but we also need something to live for.

My clients wrestle with those questions and invent new lives all the time.  Here is what I have observed over the 20+ years of working together:

The five best kept secrets for finding your passion:

1. You’re not limited to one passion.  As humans, we are multi-faceted and that variety is what keeps life engaging. Think of a cultivated field. When we plant a mono-culture, it takes extra nutrients and pesticides to make them grow.  Crop rotation adds needed nutrients. 

When we decide on one career track as the final destination we require extra nutrients, like expensive toys or spa days. Following your many passions can add the spice you need to live a fulfilled life.  Plus, what’s passionate at one stage will feed what’s passionate at the next stage.

2. Enthusiasm leads the way. When we engage in our passion, our entire body gets involved.  Our eyes dance, our voices dance, our hearts dance.  When you are curious to find what you are passionate about, observe your body. Notice when you are animated and get curious about what triggered it. Beneath that is a passion.

3. Engaging your passion lights up your joy.  When we are engrossed in an activity that supports our passion, we lose track of time. Though the effort may be difficult, we are completely immersed. That immersion is our joy. 

Perhaps you’ve watched an athlete or dancer engaged in their passion and your breath stops as you witnessed their triumphant ending. We feel their joy.  That joy is passion in action.   The more we practice or engage with it, the more skilled we become and happier we are.

4. Our passion provides a sense of accomplishment. Even something as mundane as locking in that final puzzle piece can give us a sense of accomplishment.  It can help us feel as though we matter. When does that sense of accomplishment appear for you? Beneath that is a passion.

Our feeling of accomplishment grows and expands when we share our passion with others. Contribution, whether it’s through entrepreneurship, volunteerism or just plain sharing your stuff with your friends, enlarges us and deepens our human bonds.

5. Our tribe is there. We need autonomy, yes, and even more, we require connection with likeminded people. We need our peeps. When we open our hearts to our passion, our tribe will appear to support us.

You don’t have to turn your life upside down and you don’t have to bail on others who depend on you.  You need only to pay attention and take baby steps toward finding your passion. Small tweaks that align with your passion can bring joy and fulfillment in ways you could never imagine.

Your passion is waiting for you. Isn’t it time to give yourself the attention it takes to find it?  

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