Open a Doorway to the Divine

My neighbor was bored.  She retired from a busy job and was at a stage of life where employment wasn’t necessary.  She was delightful company, witty, creative and fun.  Her husband of 47 years still worked outside the home and wasn’t around much.

Her house was obsessively clean.  Recently, she told me she had just unloaded the chest freezer, sorted the food, and repacked it.  That was after vacuuming the furniture.

Beyond taking care of her home and husband, she had nothing to do.

She spent a lot of hours shopping.  Her go-to was Hobby Lobby for the décor and silk flowers.  And the medical problems!  On a recent phone call, she shared she had 4 doctor appointments that day.

Following my creativity lead, she purchased some canvases and a supply of paints thinking she would paint flowers.  But they didn’t look good.  They didn’t come out like she imagined they would, so she quit.

It’s like she kept bumping up against the same locked door, over and over.  Restless and discontent, she wanted to know what to do

What’s missing is a doorway

When we are feeling lost, we want the answer to show up right now!  We hire a coach, or read a book, or buy an online course thinking the answer is outside of us.  But it isn’t.  Our answers are inside. 

Quiet moments are the doorway.  Those moments allow us to hear the still small voice that says, “Pay attention to this,” or “This might be fun,” or “Don’t do what you planned, do this instead.” 

I believe learning to trust that inner knowing, learning to trust the divine and heed it rather than logic, is our life’s purpose.  When we quiet the mind chatter and focus attention on the present, when we relax into our breathing in this moment, we open a doorway.  

What doorways look like

When my life turned upside down in 2008, I started a gratitude journal to remind me of what was right in my world.  I still write in it every night before bed to count my blessings.  That is a Doorway to the Divine for me.

Creative endeavors like crochet, watercolor, music, or writing bring focus and sometimes joy.  By focusing on the skill and challenge of creating, we silence the mind chatter.  Creating can also help us process our thoughts.

Sue Monk Kidd, in her memoir Dance of the Dissonant Daughter said, “The only way I have ever understood, broken free, emerged, healed, forgiven, flourished, and grown powerful is by asking the hardest questions and then living into the answer by opening up to my own terror and transmuting it into creativity.”

Another doorway is journaling; capturing your thoughts on paper.  Writing 3 pages every morning about whatever is on your mind frees your brain of sludge.  Time spent in nature and time spent moving the body can also be doorways to the divine.

Because our doorway will take a while to build, we postpone starting.  Sometimes, we decide to start and then go about it haphazardly.  But you can’t get it wrong.  No matter how it begins, Doorways to the Divine allow our truth to surface.

Truth surfaces in quiet moments. 

Here’s the deal.  When we choose a way to build our personal doorway to the divine, and do it consistently, communication goes both ways

Our dreams surface, our desires are revealed.  Things begin to make sense. When we long to make our dream come true, we send those desires outward.  We get into action.  The divine responds with more inspiration and insight. 

Happenstance, serendipity, coincidence – these are the ways the divine pulls our desires toward us.  Perhaps a person is placed in your path at exactly the right time, or a piece of information shows up exactly when you need it.

But we have to do our part. 

How can inspiration show up if there’s no door? 

Open the door.   

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