Worth it!

I was at a women’s gathering where one of the ladies shared her experience with a recent European vacation.  She and her husband cruised the Danube and took an extra week to visit sights they had always wanted to see.  It was the trip of a lifetime.

Then, on the flight home, they were upgraded to first class! 

While sipping champagne and reveling in the extra room, she shared with the group how her mind drifted briefly to the giant credit card bill waiting upon her return.  Then she thought of the sights, the sounds and the encounters with generous loving people that she will always remember.  Just being in first class was evidence of how richly she had been blessed.

She felt that her only task in that moment was to appreciate it all.

She said, “I know have great credit and can pay this off without any real pain, so I relaxed.  Whenever an adventure presented itself, I would say ‘Worth it!’  Not because the experience passed some kind of cost/benefit analysis, but because I know that I’m worth it!”

Worth it!

Did you have a little bit of judgment in the story about my friend regarding her reckless use of her credit card?  Was there a little jealousy in your mind about her trip of a lifetime?  Do you feel that kind of extravagance is more than you could ever do? 

Don’t worry – it’s a natural response, a hallmark of the socio-economic soup that we all swim in.  Comparison is why Instagram and Facebook and Pinterest have kajillions of followers. We want to see how others live so we can see if we measure up.  OR we want others to admire what we do and have so we can be superior to them. 

One-upmanship is our culture.

The downside is that when we compare ourselves to what we think matters to someone else, we will always fail to measure up.  Guaranteed. 

Being “worth it” in your own mind is the most important criteria you could ever have. 

Being “worth it” means you

  • Understand what is important to you and what you value most
  • Take a risk on your own behalf
  • Speak your truth even when it’s uncomfortable
  • Disregard biased opinions, even when you love that person

And the other side of being “worth it” is appreciating what you already have.  When we look around and love what is already in front of us, then we are blessed with more. 

I recently began my search for a new home here in NW Arkansas.  My criteria are quite specific; I know what I can afford and can act quickly when the time comes. There is no doubt in my mind that my perfect place will show up in the perfect timing. 

I know that I’m worth it.  

And so are you. 

It’s a New Year, a New Decade and I bet you’re feeling a New Level of Readiness to step up to your life in a different way. 

I can help you with that.  Contact me and let’s chat. 

You’re worth it!

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