Money Games that Invite Abundance

There was such a great response from the post last week on how to generate positive thoughts; I thought I’d expand on it a little this week.

Seems our biggest negative thoughts often occur around money. Here are a few:

  • There’s never enough
  • They don’t pay me what I’m worth
  • Why are things so expensive?
  • Money doesn’t grow on trees, you know
  • Just about the time I think I can breathe easy, there’s another big bill to pay

Do any of those sound familiar to you?

What we continuously think about, we believe. What we believe, we act on and our behavior brings it into fruition.   In psycho-babble, it’s called a self-fulfilling prophecy.

In other words, your experience is not determined by circumstances, it’s determined by your thoughts. Over time, thoughts create your circumstances.

Take “There’s never enough,” for example. If that thought runs through your mind when you consider a big purchase, it will unconsciously guide your action. So, you scrimp on a big purchase and regret it later when the quality is not there and it has to be replaced sooner.

Now, you’ve proved: there’s never enough (because you made the same purchase twice!). See how that works?

When you make your thoughts conscious, it creates new behaviors. Change your behavior and you change your experience. Different experiences create different thoughts. Dizzy yet?

Getting conscious about your deepest beliefs around money is critically important. Working with a coach can help you with that awareness.  But, you can begin to reprogram your mind now using these fun exercises.

The Money Game

This exercise will help you think more expansively about money.

Find a blank checkbook register. Every day record a deposit from The Universe, or God, or Creative Source (whomever or whatever your personal belief system tells you “…from whom all blessings flow”). Tap into the free-floating abundance.

Day 1, you receive $1,000, Day 2, $2,000, Day 3, $3,000…. Day 15, $15,000. Every day your abundance increases by $1,000.

Your job is to spend it down to zero every day. You can save it from one day to the next for a specific purchase, but you have to make that purchase.  Record it in your checkbook so you can see how richly blessed you are.

The Money-in-my-pocket Game

Take as large a bill as you can (preferably $100) and put it in your wallet. Go shopping. Don’t spend it.

Instead, look at everything you want and giggle inside because you could buy it right this minute with the money in your pocket. You could have it if you want it. It’s yours. This exercise generates so many positive feelings about money you’ll be amazed!

Playing with imaginary money is fun. It stretches you to define what will make you happy, how you live your values around abundance, and how you act on your priorities. You’ll see where you stop yourself, where you hold in tightly and where you give generously.

You’ll create a new mindset.

I’d love to hear what shows up for you! Please comment below.


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