I’m Overwhelmed Because I Have NO TIME!!

When I’m waiting, time slows waaaaaay down.  I remember many times sitting at my desk wondering how many years till Friday.  Or how many hours it will take to get from 4:55 to 5:00.  Don’t even get me started on the centuries a root canal can last.

But when I sit down to crochet, I’m in such a flow state that it could be hours before I even look up.  The same thing happens to my artist clients.  What seems like 20 minutes at the canvas is actually 4 hours on the clock.

The truth is, time is flexible

In his terrific book, The Big Leap: Conquer Your Hidden Fear and Take Life to the Next Level, Gay Hendricks spends a whole chapter talking about “Einstein Time.”  Einstein connected time and space, and in that theory, past present and future, all exist simultaneously.  Here’s a cool video that describes the theory from the geeky physics perspective.

In our everyday life, though, time bends according to how we feel in the moment.  Time with loved ones doing something enjoyable goes by way too quickly and time spent getting a root canal… endless.

As Hendricks explains, “When we’re running on Einstein Time, our experience of time changes because we make a fundamental change in how much space we’re willing to occupy.”

When you’re forced to do what you don’t want to do, you become preoccupied with trying NOT to inhabit that space.  You pull your consciousness away from where you are and pull it inside to your core.  Hendricks says that makes time thicker and harder.  But, when you’re with your loved one, your awareness flows fluidly outward.  You want to fill the space with your love and ignore the clock.   That’s when time races by.

So, he concludes, we create time.  We’re in charge.

Your attention is key

When you rush, it makes time slow down.  It takes longer to get where you need because your attention is focused on the clock and not wanting to be late.  Time becomes thicker and harder – and slower.

But, if you relax into the space around you, putting your attention on your journey and taking time to breathe, time gets more fluid and faster, and you are where you need to be before you know it.

That’s Einstein time.

Where you put your attention controls your experience of time.

Einstein time lets you choose.

I challenge you to put this to the test.  Consciously slow time down for yourself and see what’s different for you.  And add a comment to share your experience!

You’re going to surprise yourself.

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