How to Get Unstuck

I camped alone last week. The plan was to camp from Sunday to Thursday and soak up that river energy.

In the campground, I had lovely neighbors. On one side was a family from Germany; their son was about the best yo-yo artist I’ve ever seen. On the other side was a couple my age. Evenings were quiet with dinner over the fire. Bliss. The sound of the river was my constant earth song.

Wednesday morning though, everyone packed up and left; everyone except me and a group waaaay on the other side of the campground. Hmmm. I walked around and looked at the reservation signs; no one scheduled to arrive until Thursday night.

I really did not want to be there completely alone on my side of the campground. If my axe slipped while I cut wood for dinner… or I tripped like I did last year… No. Not a good plan.  But I didn’t want to leave a whole day early! Now what?

My clients come to me because there is something not right in their life and they want it to be different. They feel stuck, like I did. Stay or go?

What I know for sure is: to get unstuck, you need options.

There is no choice until you have at least three options. If there’s only one option, you’re a robot.  Or, you could have a dichotomy – either/or. When there are two options only, and you can’t choose, you’re thoroughly stuck.

That was me in the campground.

Here are three questions you can ask to generate more options:

  • Is there some way you can alter the situation? What, if you put your energy to it, would change things? Perhaps you need to move physical things around, or perhaps it’s compassion or forgiveness that’s needed. If there is something you can do – then do it! Get it done!   More options will present themselves once you are in motion.
  • Is there some way you can alter your expectations? Perhaps an “attitude-ectomy” is in order. If you viewed the current situation through a different lens, you could shake up new options. (A coach can really help with this.)
  • Is it time to bail?   That’s right. If you can’t change the situation or your expectations, then it could be time to jump off the cliff and grow your wings on the way down.   Scary… but it is sometimes the very best path.   (Again, better with a coach by your side.)

In my camping adventure, the situation changed. The typical afternoon showers turned threatening. Looking at those clouds and feeling the wind – I knew this would last all night. Bleah – no fire and I hate packing a wet tent. My decision was made: Bail.

It’s a good thing I left when I did. The storm lasted all night and it’s been soggy and cool ever since.

Often, though, your circumstances won’t change.  Being patient is an option, but for how long?

Working with a coach is the best way to uncover new options.

A professional coach, can ask you questions that wouldn’t occur to you and help you move to a deeper understanding.

If you’re feeling stuck, I can help you with that.  Contact me and let’s get you into motion.

You don’t have to stay in that uncomfortable place.  You have options.

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