You Don’t Need to Worry

Standing at the kitchen sink, I felt tension through my shoulders and neck.  My body was filled with anxiety.  Contemplating a move and all its complexities right at the holidays had my mind overflowing with detail. 

I was rummaging around looking to uncover something to eat.  When I’m under stress, I forget to eat.  I don’t notice that I’m hungry, but I do notice when it’s been a while since my last meal, so I try to stay conscious about nourishing myself.

Just another little something to worry about.

As I prepared my meal, I looked out the window and enjoyed the view.  The cloudy and cold morning had given way to a beautiful Colorado blue sky with only a hint of grey clouds.  In winter, you appreciate a little sunshine.

As I paused, the thought bubbled up: “You don’t need to worry.”   Just like that.  It was immediately followed by a full relaxation in my body. 

I rolled the sentence around and played with it. YOU don’t need to worry!  You DON’T need to worry!  You don’t NEED to worry! You don’t need to WORRY!

From every angle and from the inside I knew that it was true.

I don’t need to worry.

I can let go of the anxiety part of this life disruption, and trust that what I need will be there when I need it.  That the learning experiences ahead of me will teach me to walk my path with integrity and heart. 

That’s not to say I don’t need to pay attention to the myriad details that will shortly consume my life.  Overlooking something would be completely against my nature anyway.  I like to know what’s going on.

I’m really stepping into the unknown by selling my home and landing in a rental for a year.  Having a plan for the next step feels like a good idea, but maybe I don’t need to worry.  Just be alert, and clear on what I want.

Nor does it say I will never worry.  Perhaps one day it will be a choice, for now, it seems it is part and parcel of everyday life.  But I don’t actually need to worry.  It will unfold as it is supposed to.

I’m choosing to step into trust in this next phase of my life.  I also believe that what is in the way is part of the way.  I will learn the lessons that life will present in oh so creative ways.   Dammit. 

Homework and legwork will be my side of the bargain, serendipity and open doors are up to My Angels.  And I don’t need to worry.

What’s your worry moment?  How would your life be if you didn’t need to worry about that anymore?

2 Replies to "You Don't Need to Worry"

  • Brooke Harker
    April 4, 2019 (3:28 am)

    Great article! I’m curious what takes you to Arkansas!

    • Debra
      April 9, 2019 (3:15 pm)

      I have a sister who moved here a few years ago. She had been telling me how much I would love it, so I visited last fall. That’s when my body told me that I’m home. I listened and acted. And here I am! Hope you’re well, Brooke! (I’m picturing you outdoors in blazing sunshine wearing a purple dress and pink hat painting a massive masterpiece!)

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