Where is your new beginning? It could be anywhere!

Have I told you how important it was for me to discover Meetup.com?   I was a stranger living in a city I had only previously driven through. The only familiar faces were the co-workers I saw every day.

Joining groups of like-minded folks gave me something to anticipate, not only for the company and companionship, but also to explore my personal interests. Total win-win.

When I discovered the Acoustic Meetup, I was still working at the J.O.B. and couldn’t give up a needed night of rest. I kept a watchful eye on the music they posted and the comments from the group.

Some long time readers know that I performed for 3 years in an a capella quartet (I sang alto) and I play the guitar. For some readers, this is a surprise.   To me, it goes along with the nimble fingers I have for crochet and keyboarding. I’m Cajun, music is in my DNA; it’s in my breath and step.

After I left the daytime commitment and shifted my work to a more flexible schedule, I had to check this group out.  I so wanted to make music with other people again!  Finally, I loaded up my vintage Ovation and joined in – a couple of times now.

I’m having a blast with this group; it has rekindled my cellular connection to rhythm and causes me to randomly break out in song. The finger callouses are coming back, and I have a new electronic tuner that is very sweet.

So, what does this have to do with new beginnings? When at the new moon, my daughter asked me “What new thing are you beginning, Mom?” the very, very first thing that popped into my head was “music.”

Now, I don’t know fully what that means yet, but the next afternoon, while she showed her man the Colorado outdoors, I sat at home with my guitar intending to practice, but instead, I wrote a song.

My. first. ever. song. Ever in my life. I wrote it.

And here’s what happened: As I wrote a lyric or found a chord that landed, my body celebrated. I don’t know how else to say that. It was like a shimmy of delight. I believe it was a resonance with my spirit. Something was saying “YES!”  I can do this!

The song is vaguely about how patience, from the outside, often appears passive. The Mona Lisa looks patient to me, not seductive or mysterious, just patient. Just pleasantly waiting it out. Women are really good at that.

And a previous conversation with my daughter’s sweetie reminded me how wise we women and grandmothers become with age. So my song is really an anthem for the girls – a song of support for 50+ women who kick ass.

I sang my new song for them when they returned from their excursion. Of course it was a big hit. And one day I’ll sing it for you. Because clearly, writing and singing encouraging songs is what delights me.

What delights you? How can you do more of that? I would love to hear your thoughts! Please comment below.

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