When Something’s Gotta CHANGE, do this!

As a change agent and a long time life coach, I’ve seen clients hire a coach for many reasons. Often, they’re stuck and itching to get moving.

The successful clients are the ones willing to self-examine and put their newfound wisdom into action. Some want a coach because having one makes them feel important. And some hire a coach expecting the coach to have all the answers.

Sorry. We don’t.

Coaches help you see things differently. What you’re like from the outside is different from what you’re like inside your head. Coaches hold up a mirror for you as you explore and learn and do things.   We help you find your own answers.

Coaches get you through change – faster.

But you can always do it the slow way, on your own, with no outside perspective. To help you with that, this week, I’m giving you the inside scoop of what it takes.

When Something’s Gotta CHANGE, do this:

Know what you want: It’s easy to say I want something tangible, like a new car, but what is it that you really want? What will a new car give you? Is it reliable transportation so you can arrive safely and sanely, or is it status, like you’ve really arrived? If what you want is reliability or status, what does that give you? Keep digging until you know what it is you really want. Hint: it’s often a feeling or emotion.

Know why you want it: If, upon reflection, you realize that a new car will give you confidence that you will arrive when you need in a calm (not frazzled) state of mind – what’s the purpose behind that? Why is it important that you have certainty about your transportation? Your purpose could be to build trust, or it could be to achieve piece of mind. Be crystal clear.

Take action:  When you’re really clear on the “what” and the “why,” the actions will present themselves. You’ll know what to do. There’s a saying where I come from, “If you spit in one hand and wish in the other, which one fills up faster?” Nothing happens until you take action. Period.

Assess: You made the phone call, you wrote the email, you took action – now what? Are you getting the results you’re after? Observe what your actions have brought you so far. And be honest. We make things worse in our minds – don’t do that.

Adjust: If you’re not getting the results you’re after, try something different.  Being clear on the “What” and the “Why” will always generate more options for action.

Rinse and Repeat: Go through this process for every goal you have. When you reach that goal – have another bigger one at the ready to keep momentum going.

Each and every step benefits from an outside observer, a coach. It can speed up your efforts a hundred-fold.

Contact me or comment below if you’d like to start moving forward in your life NOW, rather than later. It is my mission and utmost honor to help you with that!

2 Replies to "When Something’s Gotta CHANGE, do this!"

  • Ginger
    April 6, 2017 (5:23 pm)

    Thanks for the nudge. I have plunked down a hunky money for sessions with a professional writing coach.

    • Debra
      April 6, 2017 (10:49 pm)

      That is AWEWOME Ginger! So proud of you for taking the next step toward honing your skills. The world needs your gift!

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