Vision, Dream or Decision? How to tell

Jason was in the midst of a huge life change. Not only was he just laid off, his wife of 17 years left him and took their 12-year-old daughter with her. His life was shattered.

He came to coaching to find a new career, but he was really looking for a new life.

What happened?

You see, Jason was a pretty traditional guy. He majored in accounting in college and got a job working for a manufacturer as an accountant, progressed to CFO, then a change in ownership made his job redundant.

In our work together, he realized that his vision was to make a difference. Accounting would be a tool to use in service of the greater good. He wanted to grow new businesses. Small companies were going to thrive under his loving care.

Jason had dreamed of working for a small accounting firm to help those fledgling businesses grow. But business school directed him toward large corporations or public accounting firms. He took a different path, but it was logical and, let’s face it, lucrative.

His vision and dreams were set aside. He signed on with a manufacturing company that was clearly on the move. The products of that company had nothing to do with him. The biggest difference he made was amortizing heavy equipment to shave a few dollars off the tax bill.

His vision of making a difference had fallen flat. His dream to work with small businesses and his decision to work for a large manufacturing company did not align. He was an unhappy guy. No wonder his personal life tanked.

Time for a new dream

As we worked together to identify various paths he could take to move forward, Jason realized the emptiness he now felt was related to his distance from what he called “the action.” Rather than count the beans, he hungered to be sure the beans were nutritious and impacted people in need.  He still wanted to make a difference.

His vision hadn’t changed, but the dream did. His new dream was to take his accounting skills and accumulated knowledge in another direction. He had more flexibility now; his options were different.

Ideas popped all over the place. He could work for the Small Business Administration as an advisor, he could work for a Chamber of Commerce, he could start his own firm and specialize in startups, or he could work at a product incubator and advise new businesses on tax-savvy financial decisions.  He could consult overseas. Or, there might be something even more exciting!

Decision time

Something clicks when you make a decision.   Things start lining up differently when you take a stand.

Jason is still exploring his options, but you can be sure when he decides, a different door will open. I’ll talk about that door in next week’s post. But know this:

  • Your vision is your direction, your aim.
  • Your dream is how that vision will manifest
  • Decisions put everything into motion

When your decisions are in alignment with your vision and your dream, life is magic!

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