Unplug and Recharge

My sister decided to leave town for a few days. 

She planned to rent a hotel room, soak in the sun by the pool and read a book.  Or several books.  Her workplace was closing for the July 4 holiday and there was nothing else pressing on her agenda, so why not?

She was a bit concerned, however, that if she told her friends what she was planning, they’d want to come along.  Having friends along would be fun, but completely defeat her purpose. 

She was determined to relax and recharge but was feeling a little guilty.

Was it OK if she just didn’t tell anyone?

I asked her if her phone felt guilty when she plugged it in for a recharge.  Was her phone feeling guilty that her ear buds might feel dumped because they weren’t invited along? 

Pretty silly comparison, right?

We all need to recharge, but notions of every sort creep into our heads when we focus solely on our own needs:

  • I should be available ….
  • It’s too much work to put everything in place ahead of time…
  • There could be an emergency…
  • It feels selfish.

The reality is, the only person that can recharge you is you, and unlike your phone, you do that by unplugging.  I don’t need to tell you how important it is, you already know. 

Instead, here’s your invitation, for a moment, to recharge. 

Step away from duties, step away from responsibility to others, step away from self-judgment.  Take what’s weighing on your shoulders and set it aside for this moment.


Then tap into whatever energy you need to recharge, be it hiding in your cave, surrounding yourself with people or going for a long bike ride. 

Put yourself first for this moment. 

You need it.  You deserve it.

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