The Four Indignities of the Cat and How You’re Already Provided for

This past week has been pretty rough in my household. My big ol’ sweetiepie long-haired kittycat, Mr. Monkeyshine, developed a cough, then endured Indignity #1: A trip to the vet. Thank goodness we had his favorite blanket along. What a good boy.

The antibiotics over the next week created their own problem, even with the probiotics sprinkled on his food. You see, Mr. Monkeyshine has a fluffy butt like a Corgi. Fluff + diarrhea = a very bad combination; I really do not recommend it at all. Walking around with a stinky lump attached to his butt was Indignity #2.

Yikes! It was way bigger than any matting I had ever dealt with. I needed help. Did I mention it stank? <choke!>

I phoned some groom shops and learned that he needed a “sanitary cut,” which basically means shaving away the matted material from his tender (but really stinky) little butt. What the groomers wanted me to buy was a shampoo and some style, baby. That was pretty expensive. There were a lot more dog groomers than cat groomers so that drove the price up and availability down.

Nope, all he needs is a sanitary cut. Which, when the time comes, for him would be Indignity #3. No, I am not paying $65.00. I get indignant thinking about it.

And here’s where the resource appears.

I, and many of my neighbors, belong to an on-line neighborhood group where we share local recommendations. I went to the group webpage, looked at cat groomers, then called the one with the most stars. (Didn’t even have to pose a question!)

It just gets better.

After a quick phone call, I brought my cat to them and he was trimmed (including sanitary cut plus nails clipped), and back home in 45 minutes for only $19.00. Most of that is driving time since they’re a good distance away.

Mr. Monkeyshine was convinced the whole act was Indignity #4 because that nasty place smelled like dogs!! (panic!!)

But, here’s the magic: It was precisely the resource I needed, took no longer than the amount of time I could give, and cost me way less than I feared. And we’re all so much happier now!

When you need it, it will be there

I find lately that when I need a resource, suddenly it’s in front of me. Here’s a tiny example.  Tomorrow night I’m going to a potluck dinner, so I need to bring a dish. I don’t want to go to the grocery store. Bleah. Fine, I will if I have to. I just need to bring a dish.

Let’s see, what’s on hand? Oh, here’s a butternut squash. I vaguely remembered a recipe from a vegetarian magazine with butternut and lentils and mustard. It’s been a while, but it didn’t take that long to find the recipe. And bonus, I have every single ingredient on hand. I don’t need to go to the grocery store. (Crazy, right? When does that ever work out?)

Looking ahead

I realize that the coming year will create needs I never knew existed, and the people and resources they require will be at my fingertips just waiting for me to ask. My prayer is that I am conscious of them and remember to ask. I do not doubt help is within reach.

I also realize that sometimes what’s in the way is part of the way. That beast of a Dreamkiller who positions itself between a Dream and its manifestation will never leave of its own accord. It must be faced and named and shown who’s boss.

Because whatever strength you need to face and slay that dragon is the very strength you need need for your next leap forward. Only you won’t know until you turn around and face it.

Next year is going to be so much fun!!

4 Replies to "The Four Indignities of the Cat and How You're Already Provided for"

  • Ginger
    December 13, 2017 (12:26 pm)

    Oh, dear Monkeyshine! I held my breath while moving from email to your blog to follow the story… what will happen next?! And it all came off smelling good in the end!
    Your dear cat might have died with a $65 hairdo!

    • Debra
      December 13, 2017 (9:13 pm)

      LOL It did come out all right in the end!

  • Cateline
    December 13, 2017 (3:44 pm)

    So happy things worked out so well for Mr. Monkeyshine….wish things would have turned out that great for me this week. Took my car in for a ‘simple’ oil change because I had a coupon so was stoked about that..:) But then I get there and I’m told there are other issues going on…..:( So $893 later my car is fixed – granted it is a 12 yr old Honda CR-V – I bought it brand new in 2005 but I’m the only one that drives it and have always taken car of it….just bad timing with the holidays…ok I’m done……..mic drop

    • Debra
      December 13, 2017 (8:44 pm)

      So many ways both of our stories could have gone in a much worse direction. All things considered, your Honda was an awesome investment 12 years ago! I hope Monkeyshine does as well!!

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