The Fire in your Heart

It’s Valentine’s Day – we’re surrounded by hearts and messages of love and candy and flowers and…. target marketing, right?

It makes me sad sometimes to think how our commercial interests have diminished the underlying meaning of a day set aside just for love. It hasn’t always been this way.

It began in ancient Rome with the festival of Lupercalia, a spring-cleaning ritual event to honor the god Lupercus, similar to the Greek god Pan.   Celebrating the mother-wolf who raised the mythical founders of Rome, Romulus and Remus, the festival promised fertility and ease in childbirth. They ran around naked a lot.

Later the Christian church co-opted the ritual to honor St. Valentine and the rowdy fertility ritual became a celebration of love. As we know, any positive taken to an extreme becomes a negative. Nowadays, the holiday is a sugary schmaltzy sales fest. Bleah.

But if we look deeper, the month of February is special. Perhaps our New Year intentions included focusing on our health. The month of February (maybe because it’s short?) puts attention on diet and many nutritional cleanses happen now.

We spend the winter pouring over seed catalogs and can’t wait to get back into the garden.   We finally tackle that closet, or the basement, or the garage.  February is a month of clearing away the debris to make room for new growth in the spring.  This is a good month to assess what is important and to clear away what no longer works.

And what happens to the debris? We burn it. February is about fire.

The fire of love. The fire of passion. The fire of new beginnings.

A little over a year ago, I left the security of a day job to re-ignite my coaching practice. The first thing on my schedule was to clear my office to make way for a new way of being.

Looking back, this January blog post expresses the frustration I felt looking at my clogged space, and this post in February describes the openness and excitement of a new beginning.

I want that for you – the feeling of excitement when your fire burns brightly.

So, my invitation to you today, on Valentine’s Day, is to clear away what is not true in your life.  Check in with your passions and let go of what does not serve them.

Focus on what brings you life, what lights your fire. Use that fire as inspiration to clear and renew. Let that fire light the way to living on purpose.

And if you want a little chocolate to celebrate – hey, it’s on sale!

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