Qualities for Crones to Cultivate

Maiden – Mother – Crone:  These are the three attributes of a woman based on wisdom from ancient cultures.  The old photo above is me, my mom and my daughter taken in the 1990’s.

I think of this concept as a flower:  The Maiden is the bud, the Mother is in full bloom ready to receive, and the Crone is the fruit.  The wisdom of a lifetime is concentrated in the seeds at that stage, which then provides nourishment for the cycle to begin again.

When I turned 60, it delighted me to claim crone status.  As I focused more and more on my clients, I cut the cord to the day job and revitalized my coaching practice.  I stepped into writing more consistently and taking more risks with my crochet.  The older I get the more feisty and empowered I feel!

You can imagine how lovely it was for me to stumble across Jean Shinoda Bolen’s book, Crones Don’t Whine:  Concentrated Wisdom for Juicy Women.

Goodness!  A favorite author and a favorite topic all in one package!

Here’s what I learned

Bolen shares that cronehood is more than a certain age or time of life, it’s an attitude.  At this stage of our lives, we’re focused even more on self-development, and the concerns of looking good at any cost assume a lesser role.

This is the time for inner beauty and wisdom.

This stage of life is about creating, whether it’s honoring a creative muse in the studio, mentoring a younger person, changing family dynamics or reaching out to make a difference in the world.

Crones know that whining and blaming get in the way of your spirit’s development.  When you point the finger elsewhere for the troubles you have now, it deflects your thoughts into a non-productive place.  I like the way Steven Covey said it, “Anytime you think the problem is out there, that thought is the problem.”

This stage of life is about growth.  A crone has learned to observe herself and to trust her intuition.  She laughs out loud with her buddies and ignores the stares.

13 Qualities

Here are the Thirteen Qualities Bolen names in the book:

  • Crones Don’t Whine
  • Crones are Juicy
  • Crones Have Green Thumbs
  • Crones Trust What They Know in Their Bones
  • Crones Meditate in Their Fashion
  • Crones are Fierce about What Matters to Them
  • Crones Choose the Path with Heart
  • Crones Speak the Truth with Compassion
  • Crones Listen to Their Bodies
  • Crones Improvise
  • Crones Don’t Grovel
  • Crones Laugh Together
  • Crones Savor the Good in Their Lives

I found this book to be delightfully written in metaphoric language that spoke to me on a deeper level. There is much more here to be savored, and it’s a good read for women of all ages.  Her wisdom rings true in every word.

I do hope you have a chance to read it.

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