Let’s renew our hope for the future

Next week is the Solstice.  Here in the northern hemisphere, it’s the longest night of the year.  This is when we relax into the darkness to ponder what is ready to be released, then light a candle to renew our hope for the future.

As a child, I remember my giddy delight as our family drove through neighborhoods to see the light displays.  It was enchanting to see a path of light through the deepest darkness.  That enchantment and wonder is what I wish for you during this darkest night of the year.  

You see, when we light the way for ourselves, we also light the way for others. 

Shine your light

In the darkness, we examine our life to discover what’s real for us and what isn’t.   We begin to understand on a deeper level who we are; where our skin ends and where the rest of the world begins. 

The darkness is a time to discard the superfluous fripperies from the surface and discover the grain in our own wood.  It’s a time of releasing what does not fit.

And as we return to the light, we give ourselves permission to be lighter in spirit.  To dance more.  To embrace gratitude as a way of life.  To feel joy.  

We renew our hope for the future.

We begin to expand our circle, only this time a little wider.  We increase our learning about different ways of living and give permission from our hearts to allow others to be their true selves.  We emerge with new ideas, energies, and skills and celebrate uniqueness, both our own and others’.

We put action behind our intentions for good through the contribution of our money, time and awareness.  We embrace our natural creativity in whatever form it arises.  We connect with others in a different way.

My hope is that you find your own special path, your Dream, and set your intention to make that Dream a reality.    I invite you to use the natural power of the Winter Solstice to release and renew!

Please remember, if you need any support in your journey, I’m here for you.

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