How to Block Creativity

Are you stuck?  Does the thought of sitting in front of a blank page or blank canvas terrify you?  Do you have mountains of unused supplies?  Does that make you feel guilty?

That’s terrific!

That crazy guy, Albert Einstein, said “The significant problems we face cannot be solved at the same level of thinking that created them.”   

When you engage in your creativity and feel the deep inner joy of being in a state of flow, you will begin to think differently.  Your comfortable logical analytical way of thinking will be toast! 

Careful now.  The delight you feel when you stretch your skills to create something might infect someone else.  Emotions are contagious, you know.  They might want to give it a try and start to feel great too. 

Then everyone will start thinking differently, and things might change

Can’t have that.

So, to help you dig deeper into your paralyzed state, your favorite Dreamkiller, Moi, is here to give you some pointers on maintaining your steadfast stuckness.

  1. Judge your work.  Compare it to the most perfect form of expression in your medium and fall flat.  Don’t even consider how your skills are improving, how unseen admirers are peeking over your shoulder, and how good you feel when you have a sense of satisfaction over the slightest improvement.
  2. Believe your work is YOU.  That way when you fall flat (as you must when you constantly compare it to others) you’ll feel like a complete loser.  Those awful feelings are what we’re going for.
  3. Say YES to everything!  Your time is yours to give away.  If you used your time to focus on your creative endeavor, you might improve and start to feel good about yourself.  It’s much better to be distracted.  They need you, right?
  4. Disconnect from your body.  Eat whatever junk you like (remember to clean your plate!), binge-watch Netflix all night, and fluff up those pillows to snuggle in. Get comfy! You don’t even have to move.  How you treat your body has nothing to do with what goes on in your head.  Trust me.
  5. Make all your choices either/or.  Check out this favorite, “I can either earn a living from my art or from a job that I hate.”  See?  No in-between.  If you focus only on exact opposites, then your multiple options are limited.  It’s a great way to feel stuck!
  6. Stay glued to social media.  All those memes, all those inflammatory opinions, all those cute cat videos – don’t let them out of your sight!  When you have a moment to be present and appreciate what’s around you, you must immediately pick up your phone!  Being present to your surroundings will only inspire you.
  7. Ignore your curiosity.  Do NOT under any circumstance explore what interests you, seek out new experiences or follow an unknown path.  This is death to stuckness.  Just don’t go there!

This list contains only a few guaranteed ways to trust your fears.  For more inspiration, keep your eye on the endless barrage of “news” and your attention firmly fixed on politics. Dreamkillers love polarization!

Good luck!  And may the force be against you!

Mwah hahahaha!

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