For a Meaningful Purpose Statement, do this

When we imagine a new life for ourselves, it’s rarely how things turn out. Have you found it to be this way?  Our purpose unfolds over the years, sometimes getting muddy and indistinct, other times pealing like a clarion at Christmas.

That’s why, before I teach you how to write a purpose statement, I invite you to think about who you need to be when change comes your way.

When you have a purpose statement that resonates, change is inevitable, and I want you to be ready.

Embrace these qualities as you launch into your next stage of life:

Flexibility – I’ve written about this before and I repeat it because it’s important. To be flexible, keep your expectations of the outcome minimal and the rules less strident. When it’s time to go with the flow, you can.

Awareness, of Self and Others – The best way to ramp up awareness of your inner life is to meditate. Hands down.  Pay attention to your automatic responses, habits, and belief systems. Notice what shows up in everyone around you.

Non-judgment – The inner critic, or gremlin, squawks loudest in the midst of change. You can count on this. It’s reacting to the unknown and will say anything to prevent inviting it in. Oftentimes, it spends a lot of time judging you.  Pay attention. There’s no reason to judge. Seriously. Let it go.

Be Open to a Shift in the Winds – The one thing you can count on when you instigate change is that one tiny tip in the right direction leads to another, and then to a larger one, then something even bigger, then perhaps a radical leap. Be ready to jump when the winds blow.

Here’s how to create a Purpose Statement:

It’s simple, really. Take a piece of paper and draw a line from top to bottom dividing the page into two columns. Label one column “What can I do now or do I want to do?” and the other column, “Who (type or group of people) would I like to do this with?” Fill in the columns with your answers. Take some time with it.

Your purpose statement will ultimately read:

My purpose is: to (from list 1) to or with (from list 2).

Here are some examples:

  • To inspire people out of inertia.
  • To discover and invent new scientific truths
  • To help others reconcile conflicts and have harmony in their lives
  • To unify many groups into one whole

Rework your sentence until it feels right to you. Now your job is to live into it.  Tweak it as needed to keep a good fit.

One of the best ways to put it into action is to announce it publically. I challenge you to share it on our Facebook page, or add it to the comments below. I would love to hear what you create!

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