Every blessing deserves a celebration

Tony Robbins reminds us that happiness is tied to progress, and I believe that’s true. But honestly, progress can sometimes be a long hard slog.  Now that I’ve passed the 6-month mark in returning to my full-time coaching practice, I can look back and see the progress I’ve made so far. The fact that you’re even reading a blog post is a living testament to that progress!

The rest of the time I’m focused on the hundreds of tasks yet to do. Besides my coaching clients and teaching classes, my life is now filled with posts, likes, comments and FB friends.  For me, it’s really tough to find joy in social media, I’d much prefer to interact in person.  So I find ways to celebrate small victories.

One important way I do that is to write in my gratitude journal every night before turning in. It’s during that time I think through my day and recall the sometimes random blessings that appear in my life.

I might note that the lavender in my garden is blooming (you can see it in the photo above) or recall a great session with a client.   We are all surrounded by many blessings, and I capture as many as I can see so when times are hard, I can look back to refresh my heart.  It’s like a cool sip of water on hot July day.

But beyond merely recording what I see, there is an important part of gratitude that calls for celebration.   We often forget to honor the endings and to celebrate the gifts that have been delivered unasked.

They deserve celebration. For me, that celebration has three parts:

  • Acknowledgement – here is where you notice. You can’t celebrate what you can’t see. Look back along the road you’ve traveled and see for yourself the changes you made. You may have relocated geographically, or changed professions, or had significant shifts in relationships. What do you acknowledge about what’s come before? Even “I barely survived!” deserves to be acknowledged.
  • Gratitude – The changes that came about made you who you are. If your life has been filled with rough spots, you had the opportunity to see your strength. If you relocated and don’t know a soul, you now have the opportunity to start anew. Noticing the changes and feeling gratitude deep in your body can bring a sense of peace with the closure, and a sense of eagerness to move forward.
  • Expression –Find a way to express that gratitude. It might mean lighting a candle and offering a prayer, it might mean creating a piece of art, it might mean a special treat (like my go-to: chocolate!) that extends the feeling. Expressing gratitude in a meaningful way invites more blessings.

I’m curious how you express gratitude. Take a moment and add your comment below to share your wisdom. I’d be ever so grateful!

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