Bust out of a rut

Leaving the J.O.B in December to bring my coaching practice back to fulltime has left me grappling with change on a very personal level.   It’s affecting the way I think about myself…

I’ve always considered myself a disciplined person; after all, I consistently arrived at work on time and met deadlines. I’m careful of my diet and don’t overindulge. I keep promises. Disciplined and responsible – yep, that’s me.

What I’ve learned, however, now that the outside structure of the J.O.B. is gone, it’s tougher to hold my standards high. Or hold them at all since I’m accountable to only myself.

A deadline requires a consequence if it’s not met.   I don’t ever meet the deadline of “get to work on time” because when you work from home, you’re already there. Anytime is “on time.” And I work anytime.

I’m slipping into ruts that just don’t serve me.

For example, first thing in the morning, what would serve me is to stretch my body or go for a walk. What I do is sit with my coffee in my rocking chair and answer email on my iPad, and read the paper. Not much movement there…

When we are in the midst of change, our inner voice wants us to cling to what’s safe, what’s already known.   In this example, my inner voice tells me, “you need to sit for a bit and drink your coffee to wake up fully,” or “read this blog, watch this video, will only take a minute – then you can go for a walk”


I’m feeding myself Bullshit.

What is up with that?

It’s not like I don’t know how to discipline myself to move my body. Back in 1993, I purchased a Nordic Trak trainer. You know the one; it’s a classic. It gives you a terrific full body workout. I was up every morning at 4 to exercise before showering and leaving for work.  And I was consistent for 5 years.  Do I do it now? Um, no. It’s collecting dust in the basement.

And when I participated in the Avon 60-Mile Walk for Breast Cancer in 2002, I trained for 6 months ahead of time. That meant heading out the door at 5 am for a 10 mile walk before work. Am I heading out the door at 5 am? Um, no. I’m hardly heading out the door at all.

So, it’s time to bust out of my rut.

Here are five things that I think will shake things up for me, and I’d love to hear your thoughts on them:

  1. Get up earlier (set my alarm to go to bed on time instead of when to wake up)
  2. Clear clutter – remove 10 things every day (donate, gift, toss)
  3. Color in my new color book daily – they say it lowers stress and boosts creativity
  4. Use my opposite hand while journaling – ask with the dominant hand, answer with the non-dominant hand
  5. Give myself a 28-day challenge (new idea/day, learn something different, create something)

The last one, the 28-day challenge, will, of course, take the form of creating a new 28-Day Framework for Change for the month of October. The last one I created for myself was in April, so it’s time for a new one with new intentions and action steps.   You can do this with me – the form is free from the Online Store.

But first, I’d like to hear from you – if you were to bust out of your rut, what are the steps you’d take?  Will you join me in a 28-day challenge?   Please, comment below!

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