Bring a dream to life with baby steps

I was in a conference room with five women who were there to bring a dream to life through creating vision boards. We were sitting around a table littered with cut up magazines. The floor was covered in scraps of paper that were thrown together with images of serenity and prosperity.  

After spending all morning imagining new beginnings, dreaming new dreams and supporting each other, this was the final step in a Manifest Your Dream workshop.  We were swimming in the chaos of creation. 

After the class was over, we each took our vision board home and put it in a place where we could see it.  Mine was on the wall over my desk in my home office. I had filled it with pictures of me living in my dream home, a cabin in the woods.

Honestly, I really tried to visualize that dream and immerse myself in the world I had created in that workshop, but to be truthful, it felt … flat.  It was much more exciting to be with others talking about our dreams. I felt like I was a better supporter than a manifester.

Has that ever happened to you?

Visualizing only took me so far.  To bring my dream to life, I had to act on it. To see it, I had to BE it.  Here’s what I learned.

To bring a dream to life, start taking baby steps. 

Baby steps are tiny actions we can take in the direction of our dream. They either move us closer to our desires or help us define more clearly what it is that we don’t want.

Baby steps do five things to powerfully manifest our dream:

  • Increases concentration – focus means to put our attention on one thing. When we are scattered in our desires, the universe has a hard time understanding what we want. When we concentrate by focusing on identifying a small step and getting in action, we eliminate distractions and clearly move in the direction of our dream.
  • Releases positive energy and elevates mood – Positive emotion attracts positive energy. As we move closer to our dream, it gets really exciting. We can see the end result getting closer!  When we take baby steps toward our dream, we release the positive emotions that engage our positive energy. In other words, we raise our vibration.
  • Collects evidence – Like a vision board hanging over our desk, we can see ourselves living the dream.  Our baby step actions create an “associated image” where we are doing the thing we want, not looking at a “dissociated image” of our desire. Baby steps make it real.
  • Moves us closer to our dream – One baby step in the right direction moves us one baby step closer to creating our dream in physical reality. One baby step in the wrong direction is only a slight step off course that helps us to get even more clear on precisely what we do want.  The more steps we take, the sooner our dream becomes reality.
  • Engages serendipity – When we are in action, our sensitivities are enhanced. We see more opportunities, doors begin to open, people show up to assist, and new baby steps will reveal themselves.  We begin to truly see how our dreams are supported.

Baby steps are a physical form of visualization. All the benefits of creating a vision board are magnified when we begin taking action toward our dream.

As I write this, I’m sitting in my new office. The one with the large window that looks over the pines and oaks that fill my yard. I now live in and work from my little cabin in the woods.

Our dreams are realized with focus, visualization and action. Take baby steps and bring your dream to life!

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  • Ginger
    April 8, 2021 (6:47 pm)


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