As soon as you say yes

In October 2018, I left a family reunion in Lafayette LA to journey northward toward my home in Colorado. Along the way, I diverted my travels a bit to visit a sister in NW Arkansas.  She had moved there 4-5 years earlier and had been nagging me to stop by.

So, I did.

Then I stepped out on her back porch and took a breath. My body resonated and I clearly heard, “You’re home.”  My first thought was, “Wait – ARKANSAS? What?? I live in Colorado. I love Colorado! My son and grandkids live there. THAT’s where my home is!” 

Yet, my spirit knew even though my brain did not. The whirlwind that followed over the next six months completely transformed my world.

That’s when I learned that as soon as you say yes, it’s already started.

The decision

We make decisions emotionally and justify them logically.  Our decisions rarely spring from reason and what makes sense.

I remember a client, an engineer working for a telecommunications company, who came to me wanting change.  Retirement was still easily 10 years away, but he felt he would be happier in St. Louis, the city of his birth.

Logic said that he “should” stick with his current employment, save for his retirement, and make the move after that.  His wife was happily employed, so why tear her away from what she loved? And the kids were still in high school, how can you ask them to move at this point in their lives?

It just did not make sense to uproot everyone. But St. Louis was all he could think about. 

Little did he know, his decision had already been made; the move had already started.

Here’s how it ended

The more he talked about it, the more his wife supported the idea.  That was where they had met and they both had family there.  It felt right for them as a couple.

In our coaching sessions, we looked at his values.  None of the important ones were being met in his current job.  We looked at potential scenarios for employment in St. Louis. We explored the logistics of moving.

Each exploration led down a different path, and as he followed the breadcrumbs, he created an Excel spreadsheet comparing each outcome with the potential for living his values.  (I told you he was an engineer…)

Each scenario suggested someone to contact back in St. Louis.  An old high school buddy was a Realtor.  A former supervisor now owned the company.  His wife’s cousin’s best friend suggested another company that would be a good fit for his skill set.

Serendipity was everywhere. Happenstance and coincidences popped out of the woodwork.

Long story short – as a client, he lasted merely six months. His house was for sale and he was packing for St. Louis and didn’t have time for coaching anymore.  YES! 

Where do you want to say Yes?

Changing jobs, moving across country, winning BIG – those don’t have to be your Dreams.

Dreams are the things we know in our hearts that must be brought into the world. We let the Dreamkillers divert our attention and delude our beliefs, but that doesn’t mean the Dream dies.  The Dream is still there waiting for us to decide.

I’m inviting you to decide to Dream Bigger. 

Just pick the first Dream that pops in your head. It doesn’t have to be the Right One. Just pick one. When you pick, you’ll see a baby step in front of you. Take it.

Then when that’s in motion, pick the next one. The path opens. If a different Dream needs to happen, you will see that path and take that step. You can’t get it wrong.

As soon as you say yes, it’s already begun.

What’s your Dream?

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