Are you playing to win or playing to not lose?

When I was deeply ensconced in the day to day world of the J.O.B., winning meant getting a promotion or a raise in salary.  Winning did not mean personal satisfaction or helping someone else reach their goals.

I was playing to “not lose.”

The real satisfaction for me was in supporting others to succeed, or in finding a way for disagreeing parties to come to a creative solution.  My daily interactions held the real juice for me and my office door was always open.

A lot of the frustration I felt in that job was a disconnect between what it meant to win in that environment and what I felt I needed in order to win.

Not. The. Same.

So, I bailed, and now I’m on my own.  It’s a different world for me; one where all the decisions are mine, the direction of my company is mine and the results are mine.  I’ve stumbled and I’ve succeeded.  I’ve hidden in the corner and I’ve literally walked on fire.  And it’s all mine!

I made a conscious decision to play to win!  I’ve learned it’s a completely different game and it’s one I relish playing!  It suits my independent spirit and creative callings.

What about you?

I realize that what works for me may not work for you; your wins will show up differently than mine.  I invite you to think about what winning looks like for you.

Oftentimes we bury our need for true satisfaction in order to fit in where we never belonged in the first place. The discomfort becomes natural, like an ill-fitting shoe that rubs a callous on your toe.  It’s not comfortable, but it doesn’t blister or sting anymore.

If you could create a life that honored exactly who you are, what would it look like?  What does it mean to you to play to win?  What’s stopping you?

Are you playing to win or playing to not lose?

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this – please comment below!

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