Any positive taken to an extreme…

I got a lot of feedback through email on my last blog post.  Many agreed that our current cultural system is out of balance.

At some point, though, that model was a preferable way to live.  It was a positive. Humanity flourished and became the dominant species on the planet.  In terms of survival, the systems worked.

But the benefits from our ability to thrive were taken to an extreme and became negatives.

The earth has been ravaged and species are becoming extinct at an alarming rate.   Gender roles are locked into a one-up/one-down relationship that is not sustainable.  The system became winner-take-all, and the winners duke it out to maintain their power causing economic and physical destruction.

The losers in that system were the earth, the women, the have-nots and the out-groups.

Any positive taken to an extreme becomes a negative.

And aren’t we now in an extreme world?

I got the sniffles a week or so ago and went to the store to buy a decongestant.  As a petite person, I know I can easily overdose so I buy only the mildest of remedies.

Once upon a time, I could buy a 4-hour decongestant that lasted 24 hours in my body, but now, every product was “Extreme;” they were 12-hour or Maximum Strength.  All I needed was a little something to clear my head.   The positive of taking a pill for congestion relief was taken to an extreme and, for me, became unusable.  So, I got back to basics and drank ginger lemon tea with honey and used my Neti pot.

Even children’s toys are extreme.  Walk down the toy isle anywhere and you’ll see a clear separation between girl toys and boy toys.  The boy toys are weapons or extreme sports; the girl toys are domestic or beauty-related.  The boy toys are black and red, colors of violence; the girl toys are pink and lavender, colors of passivity.

What is that telling our children?  How does this not make things worse for the upcoming generations?

The Telecommunications Act of 1996 created a profit model for our news sources and now sensationalism rules the day.  Fake news is fake because it sells more.  And because it provokes extreme emotion, it also makes it easier to manipulate public opinion.  The positive effect of getting news through solid journalism has been taken to an extreme.  Now it is difficult to make a good decision.

Anything, anything, anything positive taken to an extreme becomes a negative.  No matter what the intention.

Capitalism… sports… health regimens… all of it.  Even peaceful initiatives taken to an extreme can become just as judgmental as the forces they resist.

If you’re concerned about the direction our culture is taking, please comment below. I believe that the only way we will shift to a more balanced direction is through dialogue.

I’d love to hear your perspective.



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