A Fall and a Clearing

Camp Gramma Deb, a family tradition since 2009, happened last week. That’s when the grandkids descend on the cats and me for a week of fun. This year included archery, the Museum of Discovery, plenty of card games and camping. With 3 teens, there was a lot of food consumption as well!

It was not all roses, however.

If you viewed my Instagram feed (@theunmarkedpath) or the Facebook Community Page (TheUnmarkedPath), you would have seen a photo of my bruised and battered arm. You see, out camping, I took a tumble after tripping on a rock, that resulted in an ER visit, ice packs and plenty of Advil.

I approach this accident (no broken bones or stitches, and minimal pain) as a wake up call. Two seconds before I fell, I was securing the cooking area near the campfire in case it rained while we were away on adventure, and in a snap, plans changed.

But a wake up call to what?

I’m so grateful it wasn’t worse, and it gave the grandkids a chance to shine. They packed the gear and loaded the car in a record-breaking 40 minutes! And looking at the purple and green and blue bruise spreading around my arm, that fall definitely added color to my life!  Was this fall a signal to ask for help more often?

And then only a few hours after my fall, while my friend was house sitting, a framed piece of art in my dining room fell off the wall. It just dropped straight down. Below was a bookcase with crystal candlesticks on top. Not one of them was broken. The glass in the picture frame was shattered and the picture was damaged enough that I won’t hang it there again, but nothing else was harmed.

What I have now is a blank wall. My yummy chocolate brown wall; it’s like a canvas awaiting the brush.

Part of my value system is to honor local artists by purchasing their work. It takes vulnerability and tenacity to make a living as an artist and those are things I admire. My home is filled with artwork and handmade pieces, and most gifts from me are handmade.

Maybe the wakeup call is that it is time to clear. The camping tumble slowed me down physically and cleared my calendar, and a thundering crash cleared a space for new artwork.

But this time, I think, the artwork on that wall will be my own.  It will involve crochet.  It will be beautiful and give me joy.  It will leave a legacy.  The space opened up and I’m poised with something original and uniquely mine to fill it.

Clearing is one of the six strategies in The Unmarked Path: Finding Your Way Through Change.   Clearing invites you to assess what needs to be in your life to treasure and value, and to let go of what no longer serves.  It opens the door to authenticity.

You can do it intentionally, or you can get smacked into a pile of river rocks and have your wall cleared for you. Your choice.


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