A Decision Brings Magic

In 2015 when I was still in the day job working in higher education, it was hard to imagine a life where the alarm did not go off at 4:30 so I could be at my desk across town by 7:30. My daily schedule, my budget, and my availability to my family were all dictated by my responsibility to my employer.

I bet you know what that’s like.

When I realized that my 8 years in that job didn’t equal 8 years experience (it was actually 1 year 8 times!), I knew in my gut: gotta go!

So, I decided to “retire.” I put that in quotes because the idyllic lifestyle in the magazines is not my reality. The years of service I put in, both to social security and to the pension plan available to me does not supply enough income to meet my monthly expenses.

So what! This was my chance to use my skills to make a difference while at the same time creating a lifestyle that worked for me.

I made a clear decision to jump ship.

Hit the eject button.

Jump off the cliff and grow my wings on the way down.


If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you saw my struggles to adjust. My home office was the first thing to undergo renovations.  Learning to adjust to a wide-open schedule was another challenge.   All of that was expected.

Then there was magic

When you make a decision, especially if it’s important, three things will happen:

  • Serendipity: It was out of the blue last year that my friend said: “Tony Robbins is hiring, you should apply!” So I did and was accepted into the Robbins Coach Academy. Even though that was not a path I ultimately decided to pursue, it helped me say yes to the Pecha Kucha/Fort Collins talk, and then surprise! A new program sprang out of me, Defense Against Dreamkillers.! And now, a new collaboration with the Art Biz Coach.
  • Changes in other areas of your life: Making a major decision in only one area of your life is like trying to chlorinate only one corner of the pool. It affects everything. The decision to leave the day job opened my life to spontaneous camping trips, a trip to see the full eclipse in Wyoming, and a whole network of new friends. I’m finding like-minded women and friendships and new opportunities to embrace my creativity everywhere!
  • Resistance: Ah, here’s the rub, right? Any positive taken to an extreme becomes a negative. The freedom? Lots of time to waste time. The friendships? Lots more time in coffee shops catching up. And the new program? Lots and lots and lots more procrastination and self-judgment. Dreamkillers are out to get you.

When you make an important decision, those three things are guaranteed to appear. You will find magic around every corner in the serendipity and in the surprising ways your life will change.

But be ready, though, for the Dreamkillers. They are subtle and powerful and are always lurking in the background. This is War! I can teach you how to defeat them. Learn more here.

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