To Create a Fulfilling Life You Need 5 Containers

As I shared last time, my hiking boots are a container for the joy of being outdoors.  My stash of yarn and thread is a container for my love of fiber art. The crystal on my desk holds all the facets of my creativity. These containers help me create a fulfilling life.

What containers do you have in your life? Naming containers can be a useful way to remind us to live life to the fullest. I invite you to declare a physical space or find a symbol for these five essential needs.

Your groundedness. When we are fully present in our bodies, we are grounded.  When we are rooted in our essential nature, we are grounded. 

  • Create a container that gives you space to be with yourself alone and that allows you to quiet your mind. It could be a special spot in your home where you meditate, or a special pathway you take for a daily walk. In this container, you meet the divine and allow the inspiration you receive to point your steps in the direction of personal growth.  Visit regularly.

Your relationships. Humans are community-seekers.  We nest in families and we dwell in neighborhoods of many varieties. We create social connections through family relationships, common interests or proximity.

  • When we create a container for relationships, we invite others into our circle of life.  The boundaries of your container give you permission to allow relationships that nurture your spirit in and to keep at a distance those who don’t have your best interest at heart.  Consciously choose who is in your container rather than living with leaky borders.

Your contribution. Service to others is essential to fulfillment. We contribute through meaningful work and we contribute through volunteerism. Please remember, no matter how we judge ourselves, our very presence is a contribution. Often, just being with someone is enough.

  • Notice where your talents lie and create a container for using them to serve others. The most joyful people are those who find multiple ways to give back and the most satisfied in their work have careers that tap into meaningful contribution. You are a light to others.

Your play. Play is how we allow our nature to banish expectations and unleash the joy inside. Play allows us uninhibited interaction with others, including children and pets.

  • Your container for play is the feeding ground for curiosity, exercise and connection. Pay attention to what makes you laugh out loud and be sure that is included in your container.  Bonus points for regular visits to your personal playground especially when others are invited.

Your creativity. Creativity is your soul’s expression and to create a fulfilling life it must be released. Creativity is a pathway to the divine when we immerse ourselves so deeply that time stands still.

  • Your container for creativity can be anything. It can be your work, it can be integrated with your daily routines and it can be a special place filled with tools. Your originality wants to come through and your container for creativity allows that to happen.

 A fulfilling life isn’t an accident. When you take the time to look at where you are now and decide where you want to go, creating intentional containers can remind us what is important and help us stay focused.

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