What are the Winter Holidays helping you to realize?

The Winter Holidays have hit me sort of hard this year. I’m using the time to reflect on where I’ve been, knowing that I’ll use what I learn to fashion my year forward.

I feel my work right now is to hone my message so that those who would benefit from hiring me know how I can help them. They seem already to know instinctively that what I have to say is meaningful to them. My job now is to be sure I’m clear on my next steps and bring others along on this adventure!

In the process of digging through last year’s calendar and noticing how many times I stepped into the unknown (a blogpost for a different day), I also noticed another strong theme for me this past year: the importance of connection.

We are a choir.

I love the metaphor from a podcast just this week, that our time together on this planet is a choir. We are each one single note, clear and pure, and added together with others, we create our shared common experience.   Our collective symphony.

You can’t see how you play into the whole until it is whole; until you hear the whole chord. And to create that whole, we all need each other. A choir needs everyone to sing their part with confidence and gusto.

So, knowing that I’m a single note sharing my song, here are a couple of things I realized about myself this week:

  • I love learning: I love to find and research new ideas, then stretch them around me to see if there’s a good fit. Then, I find a way to teach it to someone else because I want to create an opportunity for them to experience their own “aha” moment.
  • I love the power of an individual voice: There is only one lens you can see through, and that is your lens. Your very own; not anyone else’s. Remember, you need to say what needs to be said by you. No one else can speak your truth so be careful who you echo. Your truth is the voice you use to join the choir.
  • I remember the power of commitment: It often looks like discipline. I am the most important person I make promises to and I keep my promises. Consistency is the key to success.
  • I love color: So much to say about depth and saturation in single colors – I remember when I saw my first Rothko, I felt myself get a little whirly, like I was going to fall into the canvas. But, when you combine colors, you invent even more! You learn which colors are compatible and which blend together in perfect harmony.

As you go through your life these next couple of weeks, what are you realizing about yourself? How do winter holiday traditions integrate into your current life? What’s your truth? How will you move forward?

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