A New Path

Maybe you’re in the same place I am:  ready to move on to the next stage in life.   Or perhaps you’re thinking about making a change.  Sometimes we have an urge to create change and then abandon the notion because we don’t want to rock the boat, or we’re concerned that someone else may be hurt.  I know how it feels to stare at change from the sidelines and to put others first.  Over the years, though, I’ve found that when it’s time, it’s time.

Our challenge is to call “time” before time runs out.

So, I’ve decided to retire from my day job and return to my coaching practice full time.  It’s not because I’m feeling old and not up to the task of working full time.  Inside, I feel like I’m 23.  And it’s not that I’m unhappy doing that work, quite the opposite.  The people in that office are lovely, the work is relatively interesting, and the commute is all of 10 minutes.

It’s just not my work, and that’s not OK anymore.

It feels like I’m barreling toward a cliff at full speed, hair flying, scarf flapping and coat whipping in the wind as I race into a void.  All the planning I’ve done tells me this is foolish and reckless.  My retirement income as it stands right now will cover my mortgage and some insurance.  If I want to eat or feed my cats or have electricity and water, or… buy groceries, then I should probably stay at the day job.  It’s very scary.

Very scary.

I know at a visceral level that looking at the “normal” I’ve created over the years and feeling empty will no longer suffice.  The hunger for taking my work to the larger world has consumed me and I will now leap foolishly without regard to consequence.  I will either become a shining role model or a horrible example (funny how we think in extremes at times like this).

I’m launching myself down my Unmarked Path and am inviting you along for the journey.  My intention with this blog is to be open about change.  I’ll share my story as it unfolds as well as stories of clients and other travelers on the Path.  I’ll share what I learn and offer tools for you to use in your own journey.  I hope you join me and share your stories as well.

Off we go down this scary, winding and unknown path.  It feels fresh, exciting and energizing, and terrifyingly fraught with danger.

Let’s do this!

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