Forward Momentum

Some live their entire life in a fur-lined rut. People know what to expect from you and you know what to expect. You could live this way for years. Life is comfortable, life is predictable, life is routine.

But, you have a feeling that it could be different… it could be easier… it could be simpler…it could be more joyous … it could be … better.

It’s like living a fast food life, your stomach is full, but your soul is starving.

I can help you change that.

Individual Coaching

The most telling trait of a person who is ready for coaching is their energy level. If you find that you are dragging, or conversely, hyper, or that you’re getting too little sleep, or conversely, sleeping all the time, then your body is telling you that your life is out of balance.

Something is not right in your world. It’s time to make a change.

Besides the messages from your body, you also know it is time for a change when you don’t laugh very often. Life is not joyous. You spend too much time in front of the TV or use other ways to escape your life. Your creativity level has dropped.

Coaching can get you into motion and reset your energy levels. When you’re ready to make a change, you’re ready for coaching.

“I wanted to let you know that I have completed my “terminal degree.”  [Of course, there were times when I thought it would actually be terminal ;o) ].  I successfully defended my dissertation last Friday.

You should also know that I firmly believe that without your help, I never would have begun this process.  You helped me to realize that my current situation was making me “crazy” and I needed to make a change.  My gremlins have kicked up quite a fuss over the past three years, but they are a little quieter now.

Our chats helped to bring into focus what it is that I needed to do.

I do not believe that I can thank you enough for all of your help!!!”

Jim R, Denver

“Debra was extremely helpful in listening to my ideas and helping me gain clarity about what was really important to me…. She is professional, insightful, a reflective listener, and has a natural ability in assisting clients to achieve their best.”

Carol J

Executive Coaching

I’ve worked one-on-one with C level Executives in many industries including telecom, banking, manufacturing, and aerospace. What I’ve learned over many years is that it’s easy to become locked into those roles.  You can benefit from the outside perspective of a coach.

If you’re finding that employees can’t or won’t take initiative, that market forces are driving you toward choices you don’t want to make or you’ve seriously lost your mojo, then I can help you move through the unrest to a more powerful place.

You need someone to speak about these things confidentially.

“Debra’s skill in creating a safe environment to express concerns and goals enabled me to be honest with myself. Her guidance enabled me to move forward at work and in my personal life to create environments that support my creativity and autonomy (two words that had been lacking in my vocabulary)…

She was the catalyst that has helped me recognize I have values and passions that must be reflected in my professional and personal lives to lead a fully enriched life.”

Dianne M, Boulder

“Before I started working with Debra, I was struggling as a newer leader in my job to have clarity in my leadership philosophy and efficiency among my teams. Throughout our time together, Debra helped me to see a clearer picture of the type of leader I wanted to be and the strengths I already had.

I learned how to make more effective use of time to inspire and help my team grow.

Now I have more direction in my leadership; my team can be more efficient and more enriched by the work they are doing.”

~ Lise H., Fort Collins, CO

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