Dreams Arising

Are you like me?  I spent my adult life giving 100% or more to my day job.  Up at 4:30 am and sitting at my desk by 7:30. I never had time for my self-renewal or reflection.  Some powerful lessons learned during that period of my life were:

  • Other’s needs always came first
  • My desire to express my creativity always came last

When self-expression was my last priority.  I felt:

  • Stuck and stalled out
  • Frustrated from designing stuff in my head with no way to let it out
  • Bored at work
  • Tired of putting others first and feeling like a doormat
  • Unappreciated for all my efforts

My creative urges to design and crochet new fiber projects were swept into the corner while everyone else’s desires feasted at the table. 

But, when I found time to crochet, I regained my center of gravity. 

When I pushed the edge of my creative envelope, I felt alive.  I felt grounded.  I was able to stay calm in crisis, to problem-solve without a sense of panic, and to laugh more.   

I was more joyous and balanced.

I want that for you.

Over the years I learned how to keep my creativity alive amidst all the pressures of life and lack of time.  I can teach you how to do that too.

Once I broke free from the day job to focus on my coaching practice, the lessons just kept coming.  I learned:

  • How to put action behind my dream
  • How to find even more time to create
  • What I need in place to feel in control of things
  • That life always presents you with exactly what you need

Who am I?

I’m a workshop leader focused on giving you the big picture.  My gift is to take conceptual ideas and put them into an understandable framework that you can use.  I use metaphors that resonate like a finely tuned violin.

And as a certified and credentialed coach,  I can help you dig deeper into what it is that your soul longs to express.  Then together we will find a path to make that happen and create a plan.  

Creativity is in everyone and it must be expressed.

You don’t have to have a special talent to be creative.  You don’t have to be an artist to be creative.  You only need to be willing.  You have a spark of creative expression that is unique to you and the world is incomplete until you tap into it and share.  

Stifling that spark harms your spirit.  It hardens your heart, depletes your compassion, and often leaves you bitter about life.

Einstein said, “The significant problems we face cannot be solved at the same level of thinking that created them.”  Our world is becoming desperate for individuals to tap into their creative minds to create a better environment, a richer life experience and a healthier world for all.

Creativity, releasing your soul’s expression, is that different level of thinking.

What is Dreams Arising?

Dreams Arising is a half-day in-person learning experience that will introduce you to the landscape of inspiration, desires and dreams.  

When you understand how things flow and how your behavior influences your life’s direction, you can begin to choose where to focus and move forward with clarity.    The concepts you’ll learn here will help make the gobbledegook of the new age make sense.

In this class, you’ll receive conceptual models that explain physical and non-physical reality and how the rules are not the same.  You’ll also recognize your own special brand of resistance.

Resistance is where the Dreamkillers live.  You’ll see how Dreamkillers work against your Dream and how the tools you already possess will deflect them.

                   I attended Debra’s DreamKillers workshop.  The workshop is about having the courage to uncover what you really want, beneath the “shoulds and have-tos” and fear.  Getting real and going for it!  The workshop was challenging and inspiring.

                   Debra has the rare ability to be both challenging and nurturing as a coach. She genuinely listens to and cares about her clients.  I treasurer her as honest, wise and insightful. She also has a firm grounding in what is practical and real…  She is a gem. 

Jeanette Meyer

                  Debra is inspirational in clarifying a subject that could be very nebulous and difficult to identify.  She breaks it into steps that bring concrete ideas into reality

Joyce Dempsey

In this class

  • You’ll find and learn to tap into your courage. .
  • You’ll recognize and empower your inner strengths
  • You’ll trust yourself.
  • You will allow others to receive your gift and allow yourself to receive abundance.

    “I learned to “love on” my dream and to use more weapons!  This class was fantastic and timely!  So encouraging!”

    Lisa Raley

By the time you leave:

  • Your compelling dream will ignite your fire and you will have a plan to make it happen
  • You’ll have more creative time
  • You’ll trust yourself more
  • You’ll have support and community along your journey

You’ll have a deeper understanding of your own creativity and permission to use it!

“Inspirational, thought provoking, mind-expanding”



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