The insistent inner voice – are yours like mine?

Beginning a new project means doing things I know nothing about. It throws me into a state of panic. My inner voice reminds me I’m leaping off a cliff.  Will I fly and soar, grow a parachute, or splat into a greasy spot on the ground? 

It’s veeerwy skeeerwy….

Does that sound familiar? The uncertainty is enough to make me say, “Nope, not happening.” My inner monologue wants me to bail out. Now!

We always resist when change appears, whether we seek that change or not. Everyone wants change, but no one wants to BE changed. Our inner voice start screaming

Recently, I began exploring a new online platform for my classes. It’s a project I’ve been postponing, not because I don’t have good information or wisdom for career changers, but because I flat out don’t know what I’m doing.

So, now I’m going to learn. 

 Uh oh. Here they come!

The first responder in my head was Little Debbie Smarty Pants. She’s the voice in my head that knows everything. She reads a lot and always often gives unsolicited advice. She makes it clear she knows better than you.

She reminded me that I am an extrovert and get my energy from people. That’s why I love to teach! Focusing on the computer doing something unfamiliar will drain my energy. It’s too task-oriented. I’ll hate it. I’ll never figure it out anyway. I should just stay in my genius zone and keep writing comfortable things.

I bypassed Little Debbie by working with a business coach. That calmed her down.

Now that I see all that needs to be done, Priscilla Perfect is raising her voice. After all, I’m not a graphic designer – these handouts are going to look awful! How do I know how to size a photograph for the learning portal? It’s going to look like an amateur did this – because I AM an amateur!

Priscilla has always been brutal, but she does keep my standards high.

Then I heard from Ivory. She’s the tenacity that lives in my bones. She strengthens my teeth when I bite off more than I can chew.  

Ivory reminded me that I promised my coach I would complete this one portion, and we’re meeting in three days. She reminded me that I always follow through. People count on me to keep my word. Of course I’ll begin designing those handouts and graphics. And I’ll show up for that coaching call prepared.  It’s what I do.

So, after procrastinating became wearisome, I finally sat down and started on the homework assignment. That’s when Crystal flew in and alighted on my shoulder. 

Crystal is my muse. She’s my rock and keeps me grounded. She gathers all my scattered thoughts and crystalizes them into a sparkling jewel.  

Hey, she says, what about using a template? Look at the pretty colors! And this portion can tie into that section. What if we tried doing it this way? The design gets better and stronger when Crystal is sitting on my shoulder. She is an inspiration!

That’s not to say Little Debbie Smarty Pants and Priscilla Perfect go away, their messages are still useful. They just quiet down when I listen to Ivory and Crystal.

We all have an inner voice

It’s the same for everyone. Our progress is greatly influenced by where we put our attention. When the naysayers are louder, we feel less capable. We stay small and our ambition fizzles. 

When we bypass them  and pay attention to the inspiring messages from our supporters, it gives us permission to stretch. We reach farther because we know our inner voice will catch us when we stumble. 

We grow stronger. We expand. We move beyond self-imposed limits.

Remember, the overarching truth is: We are here to create. We are here to grow. We are here to contribute.  We do that best when we deliberately choose which inner voice gets our attention.

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