Defense Against Dreamkillers Boot Camp

Defense Against Dreamkillers Boot Camp Webinars

The world is hungry for you to live your Dream. Your passion, your creativity and your personal values are searching for room to grow. When your Dream grows, the world becomes a better place.

The calling inside you won’t go away just because you think you don’t have time, or because you’re distracted by Facebook, or because there are just too many other things taking priority in your life.

Your Dream is at war with your Dreamkillers, and as the Dreamer, it’s your task to protect and nurture it to help it grow.

But HOW?

Every soldier must be trained for battle. Their job is to protect and defend our country. In this battle, your job is to protect and defend your Dream.

And your role is even bigger: you will also bring your Dream to life.

Your Dream deserves a life!
Your Dream deserves protection!
You Dream must survive to make a difference!

If you’re ready to spread your arms wide, to open your heart wider, and to bring that Dream ignored in the corner covered in spiderwebs out for a dusting – you need this.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

Part I – The Enemy

    • We’ll identify the 6 areas your personal Dreamkillers live
    • You’ll learn where they hide and what they look like when they attack
    • You’ll call them by name and learn their vulnerabilities
    • You’ll understand how your brain magnifies Dreamkillers

Part II – Your Weapons

      • You’ll learn to identify and use the 4 weapons you already possess
      • You’ll strengthen your Dream and find ways to make it happen
      • You’ll access deeper levels of creativity
      • You’ll stretch and grow stronger the more your access your weapons
      • You’ll understand how brain science supports your personal weapons

You’ll leave empowered and trained to fight. You’ll know how to access your stamina. You’ll get down to business and make a difference.

Your Dream is waiting…

Register for the Boot Camp Webinars $79 for Parts I and II

Part I Mon Nov 13 6:00 pm MST
Part II Weds Nov 15 6:00 pm MST

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About Debra DeVilbiss

Debra DeVilbiss is a Change Agent and Career Coach.

She specializes in working with late-career women who are ready to step out and make a difference. Her clients have dumped the conventional work-life to start their own businesses, to step into a higher level of contribution and to return to school for that degree put aside years ago.

She has a gift for hearing the story underneath the story and helps her clients gain clarity and focus.

Debra also holds a BBA in Finance and a M.Ed. in Organizational Performance and Change with an emphasis in corporate culture. She knows that Dreamkillers live at work too, so she helps organizations to shift their company’s culture from the inside, where the Dreamkillers like to hang out.

This webinar is also available to your company as a half day workshop with follow up coaching.