5 Hacks to Defend Against Your Dreamkillers Webinar

Dreams live in uncertainty. They live outside your comfort zone and they are surrounded by hazards.

Dreamkillers take advantage of this and create all kinds of blocks to prevent your Dream from coming into physical reality.

In this moment, your Dream could be a driving force for you, or it may be a glimmer of an idea or only a gossamer thread. But it won’t go away.

Dreams want to be free. Dreams want you to pay attention. Dreams want to grow big and change the world.

This free 1-hour webinar may be the exact nudge you need to pioneer a new way for yourself and your Dream.

Curious about your Dreamkillers?

This webinar will show you where your Dreamkillers originate and how your Dream suffers when you allow your Dreamkillers to run free.

You’ll learn:

  • The 6 most common areas Dreamkillers rear their ugly heads.
  • How to recognize those beasties and how they show up specifically for you.
  • About the 4 weapons you already have that will defeat them
  • How you can engage those weapons and protect your Dream
  • How brain science supports your new focus

You’ll leave with 5 sure-fire ways to begin defending and nurturing your precious Dream.

Join in! 5 Hacks to Defend Against Your Dreamkillers FREE Webinar

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About Debra DeVilbiss, PCC: Change Agent and Career Coach

Debra has a gift for hearing the story underneath the story and helps her clients gain clarity and focus.  Dreamkillers don’t stand a chance around her!

She specializes in working with late-career women who are ready to step out and make a difference. Her clients have dumped the conventional work-life to start their own businesses, to step into a higher level of contribution and to return to school for that degree put aside years ago.

Debra holds a BBA in Finance and a M.Ed. in Organizational Performance and Change with an emphasis in corporate culture. She knows that Dreamkillers live at work too, so she helps organizations to shift their company’s culture from the inside, where the Dreamkillers like to hang out.

This webinar is also available to your company as a brown bag lunch.