Try a word tsunami to create your dream

When I was a tiny girl, really young – like 2 or 3 years old, a big person asked me, “What’s your favorite color?”  I said “Green.” 

That was a revelation! 

I hadn’t decided on my favorite color ahead of time, so I didn’t really “know” the answer.  But my body and my eyes knew, and when the word came out of my mouth then my mind knew.  From then on, I knew my favorite color was green.

Emily Dickinson has a poem about that.

Words create everything

Everything.  Not only does a word begin to live once it has left your lips or pen, but it brings other things to life.

I think of our language, our ability to communicate, as a type of energy resource. It’s a tsunami that builds under the waves until the force breaks and creates something.   Like the energies of creativity, time or money, or physical vitality – we tap into that resource every time we speak. 

Words create relationships – our relationships are formed and nurtured through conversation.  If there’s no conversation, eventually there’s no relationship.   We are feeling that truth more deeply right now as evidenced by the millions of Zoom meetings and social media interactions.  We keep our relationships alive by using words with each other.

Words create reality – Ever since humans huddled around a fire together, they have shared stories.  Stories carry our traditions and establish what is “normal.”  They shape our beliefs about ourselves, our society, and even our physical world.  What we know as truth are communal beliefs and those who speak differently are shunned.  As we have seen, eventually that different truth becomes accepted through repetition of words and our reality changes.

Words create action – Here’s a simple example.  You are speaking to a friend and decide to meet for coffee the next day.  The next day, you put action behind the words and meet.  Had the words not occurred, the action wouldn’t either.  When we make commitments to ourselves and others, those words transform into action.

Build your tsunami

I invite you to speak your desires; put them into words.  Discover what it is that you want by writing your thoughts for a different future over and over.  Your language is generative and creative.

Journal your dreams and desires, free write your thoughts, sing words that make you feel good.  Speak to trusted confidants about what it is that you want most.  Use whatever means you can to tap into the energy of your words.

One of the most life-changing habits I ever established was my gratitude journal.  Every night before sleep, I count my blessings.  It seems like a very small thing, doesn’t it? 

Perhaps it is, but I can tell you that consistently filling my heart with thankfulness has created around me a completely new existence where I am alert for what’s right instead of what’s wrong.  It changed my perspective and now allows me to see more options.

It doesn’t matter if the words are spoken or sung or written.  What matters is that you get the words out of your head and into the world. 

The more you say what you want, the more the energy will build like a tsunami, and the sooner you will create what you really want in your life.

2 Replies to "Try a word tsunami to create your dream"

  • Elise
    May 7, 2020 (4:21 pm)

    Wow! You and I are on the same wavelength. Sunday’s talk is a lot like this.
    My favorite color is also green.

    • Debra
      May 7, 2020 (7:06 pm)

      Awesome Elise! Obviously great minds think alike!

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