Three Ways to Boo! Yourself

Despite the traditions of All Hallows Eve or Samhain, the pagan new year, we all know what Halloween has morphed into here in the Good Ol’ USA, right?

It’s a combination fright fest, goodie bag overload and fake identity time.

In the spirit of this annual holiday, I’m offering ways to use the Boo! Season to build yourself up instead of buying into the consumer craziness around us.

Here are three ways to Boo! Yourself:

Fill your Goodie Bag: Goodies make you feel good; they are there for rewards when you reach a goal or complete an onerous task (like cleaning out your email inbox). For moments of success, reach into your goodie bag and savor!

Some of the things I have in my goodie bag are oil of lavender for rubbing on the soles of my feet before bed (so calming and invites sweet dreams) and a jar of Dove’s dark chocolate with almonds on my desk for a quick reward (YES!).  Goodies can be physical, like going for a bike ride or walk to celebrate or dancing to your favorite blast of music (Billy Joel anyone?)

Fill your goodie bag and tempt yourself.  You’ll finish those tasks sooner and bask in the reward!

Create a fake identity: Not on social media, as so many do, but in your head. Take time to dream the impossible dream and to capture ideas on your bucket list. What does the perfect life look like to you?  Reach for the stars. If you miss your target, you can always hit the moon!

Ponder on and remember what makes you smile and capture it on paper. You can journal, freewrite, mind map, or draw whatever comes to mind. Bonus: you get extra credit if grab your scissors, old magazines, and glue to make a vision map.

I love this quote from The Leadership Challenge: How to Make Extraordinary Things Happen in Organization by Kouzes and Posner because it works for people too:

You have to spend more of today thinking more about tomorrow if your future is going to be an improvement over the present. And throughout the process of reflecting on your past, attending to the present and projecting for the future, you need to keep in touch with what moves you, what you care about and what your passion is.

Fright fest: Yep, here I go again – scare yourself! Take one step in a new direction, no matter how insignificant it seems.

If it’s scary to show up at a Meetup alone – do it anyway. If you hate speaking in public, step up at the next meeting you’re in and offer your opinion. Sing a song in public. Better yet, show your art or original creation to someone else.  Leap out of your comfort zone.  And do it quickly before you lose your nerve!

You will be amazed by the energy that infuses your body and the feeling of power that it brings.You’ll feel like Captain Guts – and isn’t that a great fake identity!

Comment below and let me know what you do to nurture, reinvent and challenge yourself!

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