The Important Part

Seth Godin wrote a blog post about how, when it comes to selling, Amazon does the hard part. 

We confuse the hard part and the important part.  The manufacturers who created the products that are sold on that website create goods worth selling.  That’s the important part.  Without products, Amazon is toast.   We count on manufacturers to do the important part.

The hard part, finding a way to get those goods into the hands of people who need/want them, is what Amazon does best.

Engaging your creativity works the same way.

We often believe that creating something new is hard and convince ourselves to never begin because it’s hard.  But, just like Amazon and their suppliers, the hard part is not the important part. 

There are three things that make us think that creativity is hard:

  • Believing that you don’t have a creative muscle.  We are all creative.  I’ve written about this before here and here and here and here so I won’t belabor the issue now.  You are creative.  You don’t have to believe me, but it’s true.
  • Exercising that muscle.  Ask any person engaged in bodybuilding – muscles are made to be exercised.  Every time you are lost in a state of flow, you are exercising that muscle.  
  • Sharing your output.  It is flat out hard to put your creations on display or to share them with others because what we create becomes essentially an extension of who we are.  When you’re learning a new skill, or stretching your creativity in a new direction, you’re incompetent.  We all are.  It’s hard to be seen as an amateur.

Because it’s hard, we don’t try.  Because we don’t try, we don’t believe it’s possible. 

But that’s not what’s important. 

What’s important is the act of creating.  Creating something allows your mind to relax and let go of the internal chatter.

When the head chatter calms down, you open a channel to what it is that you most love.  You engage in something that pleases your spirit.  It could be gardening, it could be art, it could be music, it could be writing. 

The outcomes of creative expression are as unique as you are. 

You allow your real self to surface when you relax and let yourself come up with something new.  You are more present, more in the moment, more at peace with yourself. 

When you’re at peace with yourself, your day job gets easier and co-workers are more agreeable.  Your family cooperates.  You look forward to what’s next instead of dreading it. You find new solutions to old problems.

Creating helps us be more fully human.  And that’s the important part.

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